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PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Ibex-X2 6,35mm

Evanix Ibex-X2 is a sidelever PCP air rifle in caliber .25 (6,35 mm) from South Korean manufacturer Evanix. Package contains two magazines with a capacity of 9 pellets. Carbon air cylinder is located under the barrel.

5 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 1 316.0

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Rex-FA 5,5mm

Evanix REX is a highly accurate single-shot PCP air rifle with a unique lever action cocking mechanism. The gun comes with a Quick-Fill adapter and you have the option to adjust the trigger pull.

3 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 1 076.1

PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Sniper X2 6,35mm

Air tank of this model is made of composite material which is not so heavy as classic air tanks. Air capacity is incredible 480cc, which ensures a lot of constant shots even at full power.

3 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 1 271.7

PCP Air Rifles

Kral Arms Bighorn W 6,35mm PCP Air Rifle


The Bighorn air rifle is one of the most powerful air rifles offered by the well-known Turkish manufacturer Kral Arms. With this model – in 6,35 mm calibre, we can enjoy shooting with a power of up to 70 J. Each air rifle comes with two magazines for ten .25 caliber (6,35 mm) pellets.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 599.7


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