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Accessories For PCP Airguns

PCP Accessories

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The working pressure in air cylinders of PCP air rifles can reach up to 300 Bar and that means your ordinary pump won’t be enough to fill it. You can use specialized PCP hand pumps but that takes some serious pumping. Another option is much more convenient – just use a scuba tank.
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PCP Hand Pumps

Venox PCP Hand Pump


The highly durable and affordable PCP pump from Czech manufacturer Venox. This model has a hose with Quick-Fill nozzle and pressure gauge. It can be used with all PCP air rifles.

11 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 119.6

Scuba Tanks

7l Scuba Tank with Gauge & Hose 300bar/4350psi


This model is suitable for filling Evanix, Air Arms and more. Bottle intended for compressed air. This is 7l bottle with pressure gauge and filling hose. The working pressure of this bottle is 300bar.

> 50 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 291.6

PCP Hand Pumps

Hill Spartan PCP Hand Pump


Spartan is a brand-new PCP pump from UK manufacturer Hill. This model is reliable and highly durable. This pump is lighter than the MK4 model and comes without the pressure gauge.

1 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 159.6

PCP Hand Pumps

FX Airguns PCP Hand Pump

This 3-stage hand pump is designed for filling PCP air rifles up to 250 bar. Its construction, including the feet, is made of metal. A hose with 1/8" BSP internal thread is used for the connection.

3 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 239.6

Fill Hoses And Adapters

Airmaks Filling Hose

Filling hose designed not only for AirMaks. On opposite ends there is a quickfill and a G5/8 thread. In the package you will find a vent screw and a spare gasket.

8 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 103.7

PCP Hand Pumps

Weihrauch HW90 Hand Pump

The high-quality and simple Weihrauch hand pump with minimalist design is primarily intended for all beginners and recreational shooters. All parts are made of metal.

3 pcs in stock, March 29 - 31.

€ 211.6


Venox 12V PCP Airgun Compressor


This high pressure PCP airgun compressor from Venox has a maximum charging pressure of 310 bar (4500 psi). The device is powered by either a 230V AC power source or a 12V DC car battery.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 399.7


Fill Hoses And Adapters

Filling Set


Suitable set for diving bottles. Thread is standardized. Filling hose for all PCP rifles in our shop. Filling set is suitable for rifles Evanix, Air Ams, Weihrauch, Daystate …

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 90.0


PCP Accessories

The fastest way to fill up a PCP airgun is to use a scuba tank. It can be done in a matter of seconds and you won’t even break up a sweat which cannot be said about PCP pumps. A hand pump gives you the freedom to use it whenever you want and without any additional requirements.

We offer scuba tanks from UK manufacturer Midland Diving who took his diving experience and transformed it into making accessories for PCP air rifles. You can choose from 3l or 7l tanks and they come with a valve, a pressure gauge and a fill hose. Our offer also includes products from another UK-based company – the Hill Pumps.

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