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Planning to treat yourself or your loved ones and don't know what to get? No problem! We've arranged 10 great value bundles just perfect to put under your Christmas tree. Only until 13.12.2023 23:59 CET

Discover Remington wear - the ultimate clothing for every adventure

The first breath of cold Autumn air can surprise you any time. That's why it's best to always have high-quality and comfortable clothing at hand, especially if you're into outdoor activities. And since we certainly fit into this group, we've decided to share our new find with you – the Remington clothing brand.

How to choose a rubber bullet gun

Rubber and pepper projectile guns (Real Action Markers / RAM guns) are rapidly growing in popularity as self-defence tools. They are compatible with many types of projectiles such as rubber, pepper or marking balls.

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How to choose a Self-Defense tool

In the current unstable and uncertain world, self-defense tools are becoming an extremely relevant topic – and for a good reason – because they can save your life. However, not every self-defence device is suitable for everyone and for every purpose. That's why we're gonna take a look at pepper and tear sprays, stun guns, telescopic batons and tonfas.

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Airguns with a Turkish origin

Turkish airguns are a constantly evolving phenomenon that never cease to surprise with new technical solutions and creative design elements. Everything started with the pioneer company Hatsan, but now the new and innovative brands like Effecto and Reximex are stepping up.

How to choose a machete

Machetes are perfect tools for literally any job, where a regular knife doesn't do the trick. Thanks to their dimensions, they can also take the role of a proper axe. So whether you are an avid gardener, embark on exciting expeditions or just want to have a solid piece of iron (or rather high-quality steel) nearby, a machete is definitely a must-have in your kit.

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How to choose a Crossbow

Crossbows have been used in the years B.C., either for hunting or fighting in battles. Nowadays, modern crossbows have found their place among competitive or recreational shooters. If you're interested in buying a crossbow, this article can help by listing the common crossbow types and the most important criteria to consider.

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How to Choose an Air Pistol

Our offer contains a vast number of air pistols. It is certainly good to have lots of options but it can also be a bit overwhelming and complicate your choice. That is why we have prepared this short guide, which should help you choose the right model for you.

Top 5 pistols in the world

The 5 best pistols in the world: Colt M1911, Glock 17, Sig Sauer P226, Smith & Wesson M&P and CZ 75. We have each as a blank or air variation.

How to Choose an Air Rifle

An air rifle is a firearm that uses compressed air to operate. If you are over 18, you can get one without a firearms licence in the Czech Republic.

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