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Keep Your Hands Safe

Tactical Gloves

These gloves are an essential part of any gear belonging to soldiers, policemen, airsoft players, etc. They were designed to protect your hands during tactical assignments. They assure a firm grip and you can utilize them in everyday use.

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Tactical Gloves

These gloves will fit much better to your hands than regular work gloves. This means the manipulation remains the same as if you didn’t wear any gloves at all.

An Essential Equipment For Airsoft Players 

Tactical gloves are an essential equipment when it comes to airsoft. Getting hit in your fingers or knuckles is quite a painful experience so it might be worth investing in a quality pair of gloves. They will also protect your hands while crawling through the bushes. These gloves are made from materials that don't limit the movement of your fingers.

We offer a selection of Perfecta Sands leather tactical gloves from Umarex. They are filled with sand to make them sturdier.

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