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Lead and Steel BBs

Airgun BBs

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BBs are not known for their amazing accuracy but they are perfect for plinking. They can either be made of lead or steel. The first kind is designed for air rifles with rifled barrels and the latter can be used with airguns that are outfitted with smoothbore barrels.
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Airgun BBs

Venox Steel BBs 4,5mm 1500pcs


The package of 1500 steel BBs in .177 caliber (4,5 mm). Each BB weighs 0,35 g. You can only use them with compatible airguns. Never load them into air rifles that are designed to shoot lead pellets or lead BBs.

> 100 pcs in stock, June 2 - 5.

€ 4.0

Lead BBs

Most of us remember them from our youth when we were loading them into the good old Slavia or Vz.47 air rifles. Lead BBs offer no amazing accuracy but they are perfect for short range plinking. We would recommend choosing pellets if you want to focus on target shooting.

Steel BBs

Steel BBs are predominantly designed for airguns with smoothbore barrels. That includes most of the CO2 air pistols and CO2 air rifles. They are cheaper and less accurate than the standard pellets. We recommend using safety glasses because they have a tendency of ricocheting. This ammo is perfect for plinking. Venox and Umarex are the main two brands in our offer and you honestly can’t go wrong with either of them.

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