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How to choose the right ammunition for your rifle

Ammunition for airguns are pellets, lead or steel or BBs also lead or steel. The first two mentioned types are intended for airguns with rifled barrels, steel BBs are intended exclusively for guns without rifled barrels – they are ideal for hobby and destructive shooting. For precision shooting, pellets are most suitable. Most often they are made of lead, but you can also find pellets made of steel or plastic. In the following article we will tell you more about this kind of ammo.

We choose pellets according to our shooting preferences:

1) sporting, it is about accurate target shooting,

2) for fun,

3) or for hunting.

You can also find out how to choose your ammunition in our simple video guide.


Pellets are classified according to various criteria such as size, function or shape. It is the shape that is often referred to as crucial.


These are popular sporting pellets used for target shooting. They are very accurate even in the cheaper version. However, they do not have ideal aerodynamic characteristics, they lose energy quickly in flight (curvier trajectory). They can only be used at short range. Due to the shape of the head, they tear a precise circle in the paper target. This is an advantage during a score count.


Excellent ammunition for every application. Suitable for both – target shooting and hunting. Due to better aerodynamics, semi-circular heads lose less energy in flight than flat ones. At the same time, they can be as accurate as flat headers. But this requires more precise manufacturing. So choose quality brands.


Pointed heads have excellent aerodynamics, which means the least energy loss during flight. Their trajectory is the flattest. However, they are not as accurate as semi-circular heads but they have high penetration. They're especially suited for hunting and destructive shooting.

PELLETS WITH Hollow-point

These pellets are perfect for hunting, they have high impact energy and the effects are devastating in the target's body. In some countries, they are banned. The most accurate in this category are the JSB Hades pellets.


The answer is yes. The pellets are offered in different diameters in order to achieve the best possible accuracy for different types of barrels. This eliminates minor differences that arise during barrel manufacture. For example, it may happen that you use a 4.52 mm diameter pellet and it will be very difficult to insert into the barrel.

It is not recommended to insert pellets into the barrel with a brute force, it causes deformation of the skirt and reduces the accuracy of shooting. In this case it is better to reach for pellets with a smaller diameter, for example 4.50 mm. Test kits will help you find out which ammunition suits your gun best.


Still don't know what type of pellets to choose and don't want to try them box by box? No worries, JSB has prepared a special test set that contains 7 types of pellets. After just a couple of shots you will find out which ammunition suits your gun best. In addition to the 4,5 mm caliber, there is also a 5,5 mm version available.

We recommend to choose the most suitable type of ammunition and use only that. With different ammunition characteristics comes different gun performance.

For us, the clear leader is JSB Match Pellets, which is one of the most accurate ammunition in the world. JSB Exact are very accurate for target shooting even at longer distances. You can use them just as well for fun shooting. The three most common pellets calibers are 4,5 mm, 5,5 mm and 6,35 mm.

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