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A Shelter In The Wilderness


A tent is a simple and portable shelter that can be put up almost anywhere. It will give you sufficient protection against the Sun, wind and rain. Standard tents are only differentiated by their size but you can also come across some specialized models, like the ones for hunters.
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Tarps And Shelters

Emergency tent Wildee

Survival shelter for two people designed for survival in crisis situations. It is lightweight and durable. It can retain up to 99% of body temperature.

> 100 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 11.7


Cattara Army tent for 2 persons camo

It is an outdoor tent with a camo motif that not only fishermen will love. Dimensions 200 × 120 and height 100 cm make the tent suitable for 2 persons.

1 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 27.2

Tarps And Shelters

Celta Cattara 3x4m Waterproof

Lightweight waterproof celta from Czech manufacturer Cattara with camouflage pattern Woodland. It is made of polyester and all seams are taped.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, June 14 - 16.

€ 44.0


Garda tent for 2 persons 230x130x95 cm

Self folding tent Garda for two persons with super quick construction. The tent entrance is equipped with a classic tarpaulin and mosquito net.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, June 14 - 16.

€ 38.0


Tent organiser 55x85cm

Useful tent organizer from Czech manufacturer Cattara with dimensions 55 × 85 cm. It consists of 16 mesh pockets measuring 12 cm x 20 cm.

1 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 10.0

Beach Tents

Beach tent ANCONA 120x195x85 cm

Beach tent with self-folding construction. This yellow and blue helper will provide the necessary shade and protection from the rain in summer.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, June 14 - 16.

€ 20.2


Camping hammer MFH 31cm

Camping hammer for hammering and pulling tent pegs. The steel head with crowbar is mounted on a wooden top.

11 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 18.5

Tents For Every Occasion

The most popular tents are the ones for two or three people. They offer a good value while still being quite compact and lightweight. Family tents are on the other side of the spectrum and you are going to have to transport them in a car. Their larger weight (usually over 10 kg) is offset by their ability to accommodate more than 4 people.

Shelters And Tarps

Other types of tents on our website can be mostly considered as basic shelters providing protection from the elements. They are not really suitable for sleeping. A party tent can provide solid protection from the Sun or rain for a larger group of people. Beach tents are a bit smaller but they basically do the same thing and provide protection against the Sun. A tarp is a very useful piece of outdoor equipment with a multitude of uses. You can turn it into an improvised shelter or use it as a raincoat.

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