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Air Pumps

Air pump Cattara 230V

Air pump from Czech manufacturer of outdoor equipment Cattara. This model develops an air flow of 250L/min. and is powered by 230 V.

1 pcs in stock, at Thursday 6. 10. at yours

€ 12.5

Air Pumps

Hand pump Cattara DOUBLE 2x2000 cm3

Air pump DOUBLE from Czech manufacturer Cattara. This model pushes air in both directions (when pushing down, but also pulling up).

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 6. 10. at yours

€ 11.2

Fire Lighting

Survival matches Woloszyn 20pcs


The hermetically sealed match pack is resistant to moisture and other adverse weather conditions. Ideal for survival kit.

3 pcs in stock, at Thursday 6. 10. at yours

€ 2.2

Outdoor Watches

Uzi Shock 1 watch

It is the ideal accessory for any terrain. It is not only a digital watch. The Uzi Shock 1 also has many other features.

In stock, at Friday 7. 10. at yours

€ 26.0

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