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Metal Detectors

You should consider three important criteria when choosing the right metal detector for you. This includes their quality, functionality and detection range. You can never go wrong with models from US manufacturers Garrett, Hunter and Fisher.
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Metal Detectors

Metal detector Fisher F19 10'' DD

Professional detector with probe sensitivity control. Thanks to the operating frequency of 19 kHz, the detector has no problem detecting even small objects.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, February 2 - 6.

€ 803.8

Metal Detectors

Quest Xpointer Pro Metal Detector

A handheld metal detector that can be used both on land and underwater. Its design can withstand immersion to depths of up to 60 metres.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, February 2 - 6.

€ 155.7

These devices will help you find relics of the past – old coins, buttons, pieces of military equipment, tools and so much more.

Analog Or Digital Detector?

An analog metal detector will let you know about a metal object under its sensor with a sound. It is recommended for experienced and patient treasure hunters. You're gonna have to spend some time adjusting the detector and finding the right setting but the end result will be worth it.

Digital devices use sound too but they are also outfitted with a screen that will show you charts, numbers and everything else you need to see. Some cheaper models might have a bit slower reactions.

Metal Detectors For Beginners And Professionals

Check out the Garrett 150 if you want to try your luck with metal detecting. More experienced users might want something more advanced, like the Garrett 250.

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