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Gas Piston Air Rifles

BSA GRT Meteor Evo Silentium 4.5mm


The Evo Meteor is a new high-performance gas piston air rifle (GRT – Gas Ram Technology) from the traditional manufacturer BSA. It combines simple design, quality materials and performance. The rifle has a cold-hammer-forged rifled barrel with build in moderator; the stock is made of beech wood with a rubber butt-pad for recoil absorption. The muzzle energy reaches 21 J, while the velocity of the 4.5 mm projectile is up to 277 m/s.

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24 Months
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The Evo Meteor is a new high-performance gas piston air rifle (GRT - Gas Ram Technology) from the traditional manufacturer BSA. It combines simple design, quality materials and performance. The model is very elegant and functional.

The gun has a cold-hammer forged rifled barrel topped with a moderator that absorbs a significant amount of noise from the shot. The muzzle energy reaches up to 21 J, with a projectile velocity of up to 277 m/s (with JSB Exact 4.50mm pellets).

The ambidextrious hard beech wood stock has a rubber butt-pad to absorb recoil. Stock has knurled surface area for a better grip. The trigger and the manual safety are protected by a trigger guard.

The rifle comes with adjustable Tru-Glo sights, which can be used for aiming even in half-light, and a built-in 11mm rail. Combined with the power and rifled barrel, the BSA Evp Meteor is a very accurate weapon.

The overall length of the rifle is 1120mm, the barrel itself is 370mm and the total weight is 3000g.

Package contents

  • BSA GRT Meteor Evo Silentium 4.5mm

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4,5 mm / .177
277 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
21 J
3000 g
Overall Length:
1120 mm
Barrel Length:
370 mm
Mounting Rail:
Stock Material:
Powerplant: ?
Gas Piston
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
Break Barrel
24 Months

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Registered user, from 26.11.2023

Machine translation

BSA and GAMO technology in an affordable air rifle. Impeccable IGT system with the best barrel from BSA, good trigger. Out of the box, you can tell right away that it is made by Gamo (lots of plastic parts), but under BSA's supervision it is so well tuned that it doesn't need to be modified or improved. In the first photo it is together with the brother model Hunter 440, they are as similar as eggs to eggs, in the second photo the result of shooting at 18m. If you are considering an affordable air rifle, I highly recommend this model. There is nothing to criticize it for and shooting it is a pleasure. If you want to save money, it can be bought with a plastic stock

  • excellent accuracy despite short barrel (measured 320mm)
  • pleasant to shoot (very light, well balanced, low recoil, great sights)
  • moderator reduces noise by 1/3 (especially appreciated by those who can shoot in the garage like me)
  • she's a beauty
  • not suitable for those who do not like Gamo air rifles

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Verified customer, from 06.01.2023

Machine translation

  • quality to price
  • nice processing
  • Reliability
  • suitable for more advanced

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Josef Hruby

Registered user, from 17.01.2023

Machine translation

Very accurate, I can only recommend it.

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Questions about the product (1)

George, 16.05.2023
Hi, Can i have BSA GRT Meteor Evo Silentium 4.5mm , on 20 joules? In France is need a licence if more or 20 joules. At list to write 19,9 j on thé bild. I am afraid in case of vérifications during thé delivery. Thanks
Mirka , 16.05.2023
Hello, unfortunately the weapons are delivered in full power, namely 21J.
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