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Customer Review Guidelines

We create our own product descriptions, photos and videos. We also know that nothing can beat personal experience. That is why we value your reviews so highly. Your feedback can help others decide and vice versa.

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We have written down a few rules to make submitting your reviews as streamlined as possible. Our goal is not to hide negative ratings. If your review corresponds with our guidelines, we will always publish it, no matter the rating. We aim to publish helpful and honest reviews that will let other customers know if the particular product is right for them.

How to Submit a Review

  • You can rate the product directly on its store page. Purchased products can also be rated from your Balistas account.
  • Give the appropriate amount of stars to the product. Fill out its pros and cons. You can also add your own photos and text.
  • You can rate products that you have purchased on our site or elsewhere.
  • Only rate products you are familiar with and have some experience with using them.

Your Review May Be Declined If It Contains the Following:

  • Negative rating of product purchased from another source.
  • Links to other websites, ads or any other commercial content.
  • Incorrect or misleading information.
  • Profanities, violent or other inappropriate comments.
  • Review is so short that it has no informational value.
  • Review mentions incorrect or dangerous use, maintenance, repairs, disassembly or assembly of the product.
  • Review mentions that the reviewed product can be used to harm or kill.
  • Review mentions competition or compares prices with other stores.
  • Review is unrelated to the product.

Guidelines for Submitting Photos

  • You have to be the author of the submitted photos. If you don’t own the rights to the submitted photos, you cannot post them. Photos are protected by copyright.
  • Photos cannot show inappropriate or dangerous use of the product. Example: Finger is on the trigger but the shooter is facing other direction than where the muzzle of the barrel is pointed.
  • Photos cannot contain inappropriate or illegal symbols and logos.
  • Photos cannot contain logos or ads of other companies or their products.
  • Photos cannot show profanities, violent scenes or dead animals.
  • Submitted photos will become property of the company.

Customer Reviews Are Not Complains or Technical Support

  • If you want to return the particular product or make a warranty claim, please visit our Complaints section.
  • If you have any questions regarding the product, our services, orders or wholesale, please contact us via phone, email or fill out a form. All the necessary contacts can be found in our Contacts section.

We would like to thank you once again for reviewing Balistas products.

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