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Kral Arms Puncher Pro 4,5mm

Powered by pressured air. This model has a beautiful wallnut stock. 2 magazines are included in pack. Puncher is made by a Turkish producer Kral Arms.
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€ 539.6

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24 Months
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The Puncher Breaker S is manufactured by the Turkish company Kral Arms, the only manufacturer of Puncher air rifles. You can find a similiar air rifles but under a different brand name, such as Airmaster. But both are from the same producer. The manufacturer used turkey walnut to create a beautiful and quality stock. Note that grip is only for a right-handed shooter ! Stock fits into your hand really good and grip is very stable. The ergonomic cut-out for the thumb of the right hand is just perfect. At the fore arm area there is a thread for fitting bipods. Trigger guard is made of plastic. The gun trigger is made of metal and is adjustable. The stock is finished with a rubber butt that reduces recoils.

Reloading is via back lever which you simply pull towards the cheekpiece. Manual safety against unwanted shot is marked with F and S symbols. Air tank is almost over the barrel length and therefore can hold up to 330cc of air. The maximum working pressure at shooting is 200 bar and with a full 200Bar air tank you have 100 shots aproximately( From 200 to 120 BAR). Filling is via the quickfill adapter.

The barrel reaches a length of 58cm and ends with a cap that is screwed onto a 1/2 UNF thread, so it is possible to use the external silencer which is included in the package. The 4,5mm caliber has 14-shots magazine, caliber of 5,5mm has 12-shots magazine. Magazines work on the principle of a preloaded spring, so there is no need for another mechanism that the hopper would rotate. This type is also used by Evanix, Daystate, Vulcan and others.

Plastic case which is included with rifle is a great feature of this model. Rifle is fitted with 11mm dovetail for mounting scope.

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Package contents

  • rifle Plastic case Magazines - 2pcs Single-shot tray Quick-Fill adapter 22mm mounting rail

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Kral Arms Puncher Pro


Kral Arms
4,5 mm / .177
274 m/s
3850 g
24 Months
Muzzle Energy: ?
24 J
Overall Lenght:
1050 mm
Mounting Rail:
Barrel Length:
580 mm
Magazine Capacity:
With A Magazine:
Stock Material:

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