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Kral Arms Puncher Breaker S 5,5mm


The air rifle is supplied with a silencer. Breaker is manufactured by Turkish company Kral Arms. Very popular Bullpup design. 2pcs of magazines are included with quickfill connection.
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24 Months
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The muzzle energy can be adjusted from 10 J to 40 J.

The Puncher Breaker S is manufactured by the Turkish company Kral Arms, the only manufacturer of Puncher air rifles. You can find a similiar air rifles but under a different brand name, such as Airmaster. But both are from the same producer. The manufacturer used a polymer for producing a stock which has the advantage of lower weight. This model is equipped with an integrated cheekpiece. Puncher's trigger guard is made of plastic. Trigger is made of metal, and is adjustable. The stock is finished with a rubber butt which reduce recoil and give more comfortable feelings.

Reloading is through the side lever mechanism which you simply pull towards the cheekpiece. There is a manual safety against unwanted shot which is marked with S and F.

Air tank is almost over the entire length of the barrel and therefore it can hold up to 280 cc air. The maximum working pressure at shooting is 200 bar and with a full 200Bar air tank you have 80 shots aproximately( From 200 to 120 BAR). Filling is via quickfill probe. The barrel reaches a length of 53.5cm and ends with a cap that is screwed onto a 1/2 UNF thread, so it is possible to use the external silencer which is included in the package. Magazines work on the principle of a preloaded spring, so there is no need for another mechanism that the hopper would rotate. This type is also used by Evanix, Daystate, Vulcan and others.

Rifle is fitted with the 22mm Weaver rail for mounting scope.

The muzzle energy can be adjusted from 10 J to 40 J.

Practial experience: Excellent price/quality ratio. Very small dimensions for easy transport and handling

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Package contents

  • Rifle Kral Arms Puncher Breaker S 5,5mm
  • Magazines - 2pcs
  • Single-shot tray
  • QuickFill adapter
  • 22mm mounting rail
  • Sound moderator

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Kral Arms Puncher Breaker S


Kral Arms
5,5 mm / .22
274 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
40 J
Shots per Fill: ?
Fill Pressure: ?
200 bar
3400 g
Overall Length:
740/890 mm
Barrel Length:
535 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Pressure Regulator:
24 Months

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Questions about the product (6)

POTDEVIN Olivier, 02.02.2023
Bonjour, Puis je moduler moi même la puissance la puissance de 10J à 40 J ? Sinon puis je choisir la puissance voulue lors de l'achat. Cordialement.
Michal , 02.02.2023
Hello, the power is adjustable directly on the rifle.
Michel, 07.09.2022
Hi, Is this Puncher Breaker is the V1 or un Mk2 version ? Biggest external difference between mk1 and mk2 is the scope rails, mk1 had a plastic rail which protrudes forwards of the front mount, was later swapped for a metal one which sweeps the opposite direction and protrudes backward from the rear mount instead. Thank you
Michal , 08.09.2022
Hello, the photo is outdated, we are selling the latest version of this rifle. It looks like this (except for the wooden stock):
Gyuracz Tibor, 14.07.2022
Sziasztok! Tibor Vagyok Magyarországról.Utánvéttel forintban is Fizethetek? ÜDV.
Michal , 14.07.2022
Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to send the package to your country on cash on delivery. Payment by card or bank transfer only.
Mika, 30.06.2018
I would like to buy this if I can use my 2/300 bar tanks with some adapter to fill it. When available and is it possible to use scuba tanks to fill it?
Michal , 09.07.2018
Hi, You can fill this with scuba tank of course. You just need a filling set with hose and manometer there.
Jan, 02.03.2018
Hey do the this gun have a shrouded barrel like the kral arms puncher breaker silent version ?
Michal , 05.03.2018
Hi, It has shrouded barrel also. Silencer is included in pack.

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