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Daisy Powerline 901 4,5mm


This pump-action BB gun can shoot both steel BBs and lead pellets in .177 caliber (4,5 mm). It consists of a metal frame and durable synthetic stock and forearm. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.
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24 Months
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Daisy Powerline 901 is a pump-action BB gun for an affordable price. It consists of a metal frame and durable synthetic stock and forearm. The fiber optic front sight will allow you to aim in low light conditions and the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.

This model can shoot both steel BBs and lead pellets in .177 caliber (4,5 mm). The magazine cap is located on the left side of the rifle and has a capacity of 50 steel BBs. If you want to shoot lead pellets, you need to load them one by one into the chamber.

The loading procedure is really straightforward. All you need to do is to pull the cocking lever to the rear position, engage the safety, pump the air with the foregrip, insert the pellet and close the chamber. All you need to do then is to take aim, disengage the safety and pull the trigger. You can mount a scope to the 11 mm mounting rail located on the top of the rifle. The gun can be pumped up to 10 times, which should give you an energy of 10 J.

This model is designed for younger shooters (from 16 years old), but they should always be under the supervision of adults. The manual safety is located near the trigger and is easily reachable with your index finger.

Key features

• Option to shoot both steel BBs and lead pellets

• 11 mm mounting rail

• Magazine with a capacity of 50 steel BBs

• Synthetic stock

Package contents

  • y Powerline 901 4,5mm Air Rifle


Pellets and Steel BBs
4,5 mm / .177
240 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
10 J
1750 g
Overall Length:
960 mm
Barrel Length:
540 mm
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Iron Sights:
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
24 Months

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Registered user, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

  • Very accurate and also quite powerful air rifle at maximum inflation.
  • For three pumps it's pretty quiet, I've been shooting with it inside all winter.
  • Nothing so far.

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Michal Dočkal

Registered user, from 12.12.2022

Machine translation

It looks like a plastic children's toy, but it was a very pleasant surprise. It is very easy to pump. For ten pumps it has super power, but normally you only need to pump 4–8 times.
Plus, it has a light-water fly from the factory. It doesn't come with a 4×15 scope like the 880, but that's not really a bonus. If you fit it with a decent rifle scope,( 4×32 will do, preferably with parallax control) you will be surprised at its accuracy. It is harder to load pellets with a mounted scope, but you can learn quickly. I've shot buckshot too but it's not as accurate as a pellet.

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