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Gas Piston Air Rifles

Gamo Replay-10 Magnum IGT Gen2 5,5mm - 30J


The second generation of air rifles with the 10× Quick Shot system, which allows shooting without the need to continuously load pellets. That is possible thanks to the 10-shot magazine. The new IGT MACH1 nitro piston reduces the vibrations and noise even further.
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24 Months
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The second generation of air rifles with 10x Quick Shot system allowing shooting without the need to constantly insert pellets. This is made possible thanks to the 10-shot magazine, which requires you to break the barrel in order to rotate and insert another pellet into the chamber.

The new IGT MACH1 nitro piston reduces the vibrations and noise even further. As a result, this allows for better consistency and shooting accuracy. In addition, it makes cocking the air rifle much more pleasant and does not require the use of great force.

The comfortable thumbhole stock allows you to grip the pistol grip with the whole palm of your hand, thus achieving maximum stability when shooting. The rubber buttpad features the SWA technology (Shock Wave Absorber) for a more effective recoil reduction of up to 74% compared to conventional stocks. The stiffness of the buttpad can be adjusted by pulling out or inserting rubber inserts.

The rifled barrel is topped with a moderator with Whisper Maxxim technology, which includes a double chamber and a muzzle brake. It is already standard that Gamo airguns come with the CAT trigger mechanism (Custom Action Trigger). This mechanism is unique in that it can be adjusted in two steps.

For precision shooting we have the classic iron sights with fiber optics, however, we can also use the 11mm RRR mounting rail (Recoil Reducing Rail), whose system is designed to protect your scope from recoil as much as possible.

Package contents

  • Gamo Replay-10 Magnum IGT Gen2 5,5mm-30J Air rifle
  • Magazine

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5,5 mm / .22
240 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
30 J
3400 g
Overall Length:
1250 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
Stock Material:
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
Break Barrel
24 Months

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6× rated

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Marek Pełka

Registered user, from 31.01.2023

Machine translation

It is a strong and accurate windmill.

  • There's power, very accurate , super windbreaker
  • A complete lack of defects , well maybe one , the windlass smashed my scope VALIANT LYNX 6-24X50 SF SIR MIL- DOT.

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Verified customer, from 25.11.2022

Machine translation

  • The energy of 40J is incredible
  • compared to previous generations of gamo magazines , the magazine feels more reliable ( time will tell if this is true)
  • the plastic parts on the gun are high quality , and the overall construction feels solid
  • sights are very fine and for being fixed sights, you can see through them beautifully
  • the trigger has a very nice action , as is usual with this company ( although it is plastic and many people may see this as a problem )
  • After unpacking and testing the first few magazines I found that it flies absolutely off the sights , but on the other hand I don't take that as an extra disadvantage , I was just used to from this company that I unpacked and it shot for the most part where it was supposed to
  • I would welcome a second magazine in the package
  • Personally I don't recommend shooting "in the backyard or garden" 40 J is too much for that , better to go to the local shooting range or meadow
  • "Breaking" is noticeably harder than e.g. 16 J , but that's to be expected , so not much for kids or women either :)

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Verified customer, from 24.05.2023

Machine translation


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Verified customer, from 25.11.2022

Machine translation

  • Strength, not yet tested over longer distances
  • A weaker individual finds it hard to stretch, but that's logical with such strength

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Verified customer, from 03.11.2022

Machine translation

  • Incredible power.....

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