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RAM Shotguns

Umarex T4E HDS 68 16J


Umarex T4E HDS 68 is a RAM shotgun designed to shoot .68 caliber rubber and pepper projectiles. It is an ideal self-defense tool and it can also be great for training or recreational shooting.
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Umarex T4E
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Umarex T4E HDS 68 16J

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Umarex T4E HDS 68 is a RAM shotgun designed to shoot .68 caliber rubber and pepper projectiles. It is an ideal self-defense tool and it can also be great for training or recreational shooting. 

This shotgun has an alloy frame covered by a polymer layer, which significantly decreases the overall weight. The lower part of the grip is outfitted with a 22 mm Weaver rail for tactical accessories attachment. All of the parts have been designed to be maximally reliable.

It is powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge, which must be placed inside the grip. You can use the cap located in the bottom of the grip to pierce the cartridge. This system allows you to have the cartridge in the gun all the time and engage it when you need it. This means you don’t have to worry about damaging the seal.

The HDS 68 is a double barrelled-shotgun and it shoots .68 caliber (17,3 mm) rubber balls. The projectile has an energy of 16 J. You can choose if you want to shoot from each barrel separately or from both at the same time.

This model doesn’t have an external manual safety, but has the Double Action Only (DAO) trigger mechanism and the trigger safety instead. This system is completely safe if you follow the basic firearm safety rules.

The T4E guns (Training for Engagement) from German manufacturer Umarex are effective self-defense tools used by many armed forces and professionals for training. 

Key features

• Reliability

• Lightweight design

• Ideal for both self-defense and recreational shooting

• Powered by a single 12g CO2 cartridge

• Double Action Only (DAO)

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Package contents

  • ex T4E HDS 68 16J RAM Shotgun

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Umarex T4E HDS 68 16J

Umarex T4E HDS 68

Umarex T4E HDS 68

T4E cal. .68 4000 fps


Umarex T4E
Caliber: ?
cal .68
105 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
16 J
1700 g
Overall Length:
490 mm
Barrel Length:
195 mm
Magazine Capacity:
Yes to 22mm
Powerplant: ?
CO2 Cartridges
Fire Mode:
Grip: ?
Double Action Only
24 Months

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David Prekop

Registered user, from 22.11.2022

Machine translation

  • great shotgun, very strong
  • well processed

Was this review helpful? No (0)

Martin Záruba

Registered user, from 28.02.2023

Machine translation

  • It's great.

Was this review helpful? No (0)


Registered user, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

Simple mechanism, the complete range of cartridges designed for this weapon can be used

Was this review helpful? No (0)

Ales Cihlar

Verified customer, from 05.07.2022

Machine translation

  • This can already be used as home defence - the sphere will pinch - the energy of about 20 joule will stamp the legs or back of the intruder so that he will remember it for a long time, the possibility of using the sphere with pepper will make this even stronger - on the Internet there is a plethora of instructions for performance tuning up to the 40 joule limit

Was this review helpful? No (1)


Verified customer, from 26.04.2022

Machine translation

It was a very positive surprise.
Lack of possible choice of bullets of other types. The weapon as such very effective and within the maximum laws.
I welcome the possible upgrade.

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Verified customer, from 06.02.2021

Machine translation

Strong, nice weapon. Shooting accuracy is worse, for a fun
…for fun shooting.

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Verified customer, from 03.01.2021

Machine translation

The description doesn't lie, it's an unusual air rifle, great for fun shooting, I haven't used it for self defense and hopefully never will. Just the ammo is more expensive, but there are options to make rubber ammo.

Was this review helpful? No (0)


Verified customer, from 14.12.2020

Machine translation

  • Super performance

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Verified customer, from 05.11.2020

Machine translation

The goods are of first class quality. Great satisfaction.

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