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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging monocular ThermTec Cyclops CP319

The ThermTec Cyclops CP319 thermal imaging monocular is one of the few to use artificial intelligence to measure distance and even recognize the type of object.
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Thermal Core Resolution

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The ThermTec Cyclops CP319 thermal monocular is one of the few to use artificial intelligence to measure distance and even recognize the type of object.

The Cyclops monocular features a 19mm lens, 50Hz high-resolution 1024x768px OLED display with smooth digital 1-6x zoom, diopter correction ±5, high-quality 12µm core with 384x288px resolution with NETD thermal sensitivity <40mk (the lower the value, the more sensitive), making it suitable for poor weather conditions such as rain, fog, or snow.

The advantage of the Cyclops series is the use of artificial intelligence - it can automatically calculate the distance of the target and, above all, it can also recognize what kind of object it is - for example, whether it is a human or an animal.

The monocular offers 6 colour palettes and 6 reticles, so there is really something for everyone. It also features electronic image stabilization and GPS, so you'll always know where you're recording. All functions are adjustable in an unusual way - the Cyclops series uses a joystick instead of the traditional buttons.

Cyclops is adapted for use with a mobile phone using the SmartThermal app, using both Wi-Fi and Hotspot. With the app, you can also receive alerts when an animal or person moves in the field of view of the monocular, along with its distance.

Power is provided by 2 built-in Li-ion 18650 batteries with which the monocular can last up to 12 hours in continuous operation. A USB-C port is used to charge the device.

The ergonomically designed monocular body is finished with a comfortable rubber eyepiece. Thanks to the materials used and the quality of workmanship, the Cyclops thermal imaging monocular is resistant to drops from a height of 1m and has a protection rating of IP67.

Package contents

  • Thermal imaging monocular ThermTec Cyclops CP319
  • Wrist strap
  • Bag

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ThermTec Cyclops

ThermTec Cyclops


Maximum Memory Size:
16 GB
Number Of Modes:
Display Diameter:
1024x768 px
190x63x67 mm
Objective Lens Diameter:
19 mm
550 g
Detection Range: ?
950 m
Diopter Adjustment: ?
Refresh Rate: ?
50 Hz
Thermal Core Resolution: ?
384x288 px
Battery Type:
Battery Runtime:
12 h
10.8 x
24 Months

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