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Spring Piston Air Pistols Caliber 4,5 mm / .177

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Daisy Powerline 340 4,5mm


Daisy Powerline 340 is an air pistol repeater, which was clearly inspired by the legendary Beretta 92. The slide and the frame are both made of highly durable polymer, which makes it really lightweight. The smoothbore barrel is made of steel.

> 100 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 26 - July 1.

$ 31.9

Umarex Browning Buck Mark URX


This model is a classic break-barrel single-shot air pistol. It is inteded mainly for training and target shooting. We appreciate the well-shaped polymer grip. Shooting with lead pellets.

> 20 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 26 - July 1.

$ 58.8

Gamo P 900 set


P 900 is a single-shot pistol with breaking-barrel system. It is very popular for its simplicity and accuracy. Set includes targets, pellets and catcher. Therefore you do not need to buy anything else

5 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 26 - July 1.

$ 78.5

Air pistol Gamo P 900 IGT 4,5mm


Piston-powered Break-barrel air pistol designed for accurate sport shooting at short distances. The muzzle velocity of this model is around 95 m/s depending on the type of pellets.

> 20 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 26 - July 1.

$ 70.0

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP Mark II 4,5mm


Benjamin Trail NP is a classic spring-piston pistol from Crosman. It is designed for target shooting because of its great accuracy. It is equipped with quality Fiber Optic sights.

17 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: June 26 - July 1.

$ 132.2

Crosman PSM45 Black 4,5mm


You do not need to buy a CO2 capsules anymore! Crosman came up with a spring pistol. For cocking, you have to pull the slide back as with the real gun. Slide is made of metal, so the feeling is the same as with a real one.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 42.6


Umarex UX Trevox


Air pistol for recreational shooting up to 15 meters. Instead of the traditional spring, the manufacturer used a gas piston which gives Trevox less noise and lower recoil.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 103.5


Ruger Mark IV 4,5mm


The Mark IV is an air pistol replica of Ruger's popular .22 caliber rimfire pistol. A quality polymer frame covers a reliable metal core. This consists of the most important components of an airgun – the rifled barrel, trigger mechanism and mechanical sights. Like its live counterpart, it is very accurate. The weapon will find its application especially during training and recreation.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 64.1


Weihrauch HW 70 4,5mm

Classically broken air rifle from German manufacturer Weihrauch. Air rifle consists of metal body and polymer stock. On the grip there are roughened surfaces.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 175.2


Crosman S1911 Set


This air pistol from U. S. manufacturer Crosman is a replica of the famous Colt 1911. It comes in a set with a sticky target and 250 steel BBs.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 46.2


Gamo P 900


P900 is a classic single-shot pistol. The muzzle velocity is about 105 m/s. The entire body is made from a very durable polymer that can withstand even rough handling.

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 46.2


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