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Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP

Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP

Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP - Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP

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Manufacturer: Hatsan
Item code:VortexT4HP
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Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP (High Power) can be used to replace the regular spring piston on Hatsan air rifles. It will give you more stable performance and increase the lifespan of your airgun. This version is more powerful than the regular Type 4.

With this model you can expect more manageable recoil and much less noise. This means you can shoot more smoothly and comfortably.

It utilizes regular air instead of any type of gas and produces more consistent power between consecutive shots. Air rifles powered by gas piston can also stay cocked for longer periods of time without any internal damage or spring stress.

Type 4 HP is designed for Hatsan Dominator air rifle.


Product: Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP Hatsan - Hatsan Vortex System Typ4 HP

Headline: Re: Part's Needed, From Where Though??? Help Please ?

Inserted by: Michael Matyas 28.04.2020 - 03:24:11

Dear Sir/Madame,
I've been pulling my hair out for day's now. The problem is I own two Nitro Ram Air pod's but there's a problem with these both ram air . The ones a Hatsan Vortex Piston, but I need the pieces that goes too the back of the air gun where the Spring Break Bar would go and also I need the End Cap or types of washers at the end, like and end cap or wasers at the end of the compression chamber. I hope you understand what I am speaking about ? The ones a Hatsan Vortex supposed to be for a Torpedo #100, or a Hatsan #100 or a Hatsan #55s, I also have a Crosman Phantom 1000 with a Magnum Nitro Ram Air, I think te part No.#'s are Back Nitro Ram Guide: part 18 and it's B24-00-5a or B24-00-6 part 16 B24-04-4 and part 20 602-500-1-6 any help would be much appreciated greatly 100% sideway's

Michael Matyas... :)
Canada N3Y 4K2

Product: Hatsan Vortex Gas Piston Type 4 HP Hatsan - Hatsan Vortex System Typ4 HP

Headline: RE: Michael Matyas

Inserted by: Balistas 28.04.2020 - 09:28:29


unfortunately we are only shipping within EU, so I am not able to help you.

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