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Something went wrong? Don’t worry because we have a wide selection of spare parts for airguns, including mainsprings, front and rear sights, piston seals, barrels, stocks, gas pistons, sound moderators and much more.
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Spare Parts

T4E service kit for HDX 68

Service pack for RAM shotgun HDX68. Kit includes gasket, spring and washers. Your gun will undergo a significant rejuvenation.

3 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 20.8

Spare Parts For PCP Air Rifles

AirMaks Krait Magazine Holder

This practical magazine holder is designed for the AirMaks Krait PCP air rifle and it can hold two magazines. The holder is made of durable and lightweight aluminium alloy and you can easily attach it to your weapon with the two included mounting screws.

13 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 79.7

Spare Parts

T4E Glock 17 Gen5 Magazine Service Kit

T4E Glock 17 Gen5 Magazine Service Kit cal .43 RAM, which includes seal magazine cover, rear seal, screw magazine cover rear, screw magazine cover front, magazine cover front, knurled bolt, magazine base plate and magazine piercing seal.

In Stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 19.2

Spare Parts For Air Revolvers

ASG Dan Wesson 715 Rail Mount Silver


This additional 22 mm Weaver rail mount is designed for the ASG Dan Wesson 715 air revolver. This model comes in silver finish and all you need to do is to attach it to the barrel of your gun with the help of two included mounting screws.

3 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 31.6

A Wide Selection Of Spare Parts

Something went wrong? Don’t worry because you can find a number of spare parts for a lot of different airguns (Cometa, Gamo, Hatsan, Taipan, Kral Arms, ASG, Crosman and many more) on our website. There are even some spare rubber bands for slingshots and even some parts for blank guns. You can also turn to our reclamation service if you have any further problems and don’t forget to stock up on some ammo and targets once your gun is back in the working order.

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