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Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles

Air Rifles - Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles

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Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod is a traditional manufacturer of fireams. Originally the company was focused only on military small firearms production, but over time the production was extended with products for civilian use, both in sports and hunting.

To improve the quality and features of weapons, Česka Zbrojovka invests a considerable sums of money for the purchase of high technology, especially in the field of numerically controlled machine tools and computer technology. Thanks to production with these machines, the company can quickly respond to market needs by developing new products with perfect qualities. That is why they are coming to market with new products every year.

The basic building blocks of this company are a classic sping air rifles such as Slavia 631 and Slavia 634. The second category offers PCP rifles where the Czech Zbrojovka cooperates with the traditional English manufacturer Air Arms, which ensures high quality of these weapons. Maybe the most famous model of PCP rifles is model CZ 200.

Air rifle Slavia 631 4,5mm Slavia 631 4,5mm

Slavia 631 4,5mm

Classical breaking-barrel air rifle with safety against breaking barrel. Also the trigger has safety against unwanted shot . The gun is delivered in a beech wood stock with decorative engraving.

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Sending on December 13
Our price: 219.2 €

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles Slavia 634 4,5mm

Air rifle Slavia 634 4,5mm Slavia 634 4,5mm
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Sending on December 12
Subtotal:234.9 €

The strongest Czech spring-piston air rifle, which reaches up to 16J. Breaking the barrel is very simple. There is a safety against unwanted shot.

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles CZ 200 S Green 4,5mm

Air Rifle CZ 200 S Green 4,5mm CZ 200 S Green 4,5mm
In stock
Sending on December 12
Subtotal:580.0 €

Innovative concept of green wooden stock. The advantage is adjustable cheek-piece and butt. Air rifle is delivered as a single shot but it is possible to buy 10-shot magazine. Barrel is made in CZUB.

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles CZ 200 S Hunter 4,5mm

Air rifle CZ 200 S Hunter 4,5mm CZ 200 S Hunter 4,5mm
In stock
Sending on December 12
Subtotal:454.5 €

Bigger air tank delivers much more number of shots. The rifle is a little different from its predecessor FS. Different is holding of a wooden stock in the neck and cheekpiece. Single shot version.

Česká Zbrojovka Air Rifles CZ 200 T 4,5mm

Air rifle CZ 200 T 4,5mm CZ 200 T 4,5mm
In stock
Sending on December 12
Subtotal:580.0 €

Sports PCP rifle from Czech manufacturer, which is also suitable for shooting according to the directives of ISSF. Model comes in 7,5J. Sights are not included. Diopter or scope is recommended.

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