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Compound Bows

PSE Micro Midas RH 29LBS 14.5-24.75" Compound Bow

The Micro Midas bow is the ideal combination of affordability and low-impact performance, making it suitable for younger shooters. It has a draw weight of 29 lbs and a draw length ranges from 14.5" to 24.8". A launched arrow can reach speeds of up to 235 fps.

3 pcs in stock, October 6 - 9.

€ 332.0

Compound Bows

PSE Uprising Up Camo 15-70lbs RH

PSE Uprising is an affordable and adjustable compound bow for recreational archers and beginners. The draw weight can be set from 15 to 70 pounds and the same goes for the draw length, which ranges from 14” to 30”.

2 pcs in stock, October 6 - 9.

€ 412.1

Compound Crossbows

PSE Coalition 185lbs Camo

PSE Coalition is a fast and compact compound crossbow with a draw weight of 185 lbs. The stock is adjustable for increased comfort while shooting. This model is outfitted with an adjustable stock and anti-dry fire safety.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 421.3


Compound Crossbows

PSE Fang HD 205lbs Camo


PSE Fang HD is a high-quality compound crossbow with a draw weight of 205 pounds. The bolt leaves this model with a speed of 400 fps, which is about 122 m/s. The TrueTimber Viper Western camo pattern gives it a unique look.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 561.7


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