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An article knives

Knife as a good helper

Knife is always a good helper and in some situations, especially in remote places, can be indispensable. Multifunction knives are ideal, apart from the classical blade, they offer a wide range of tools such as keys, openers or screwdrivers. In our offer we have several favorites from several manufacturers. Let's introduce 4 models which can help you in many situations.

Walther Multi Tac Pro

If you are looking for a multifunction knife, this Walther is simply the best. It's a Swiss-type knife but in a man design. In addition to its classic knife there are openers, pliers and mainly a set of screwdrivers. With this knife you can handle all casual operates and tight every screw which will be needed. The body is made of aluminum and blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 steel. This knife is right among the best in its category.

Walther Multi Tac Pro

Alpina Sport ODL Multitool

This unique piece from Alpina is a brand-new model whith amazing design! It has everything it needs, from a classical blade to a saw. Thanks to its colour, you will not lose it. Tools are made of high quality 420 Stainless Steel. For secure holding, the grip is rubberized. Are you planning to go on hike or camping? Be sure to take this knife with you.

Alpina Sport ODL Multitool

Nůž Elite Force 703

The EF 703 knife is not a classic multifunction knife, but it is a set that is definitely worth to check. Along with the knife, you will receive a holster,  fire starter with a covered blade knife. It is always to have several options to carry your knife and there are a plent of cases on the belt or backpack. However, this case is worn on the leg so when you need a knife fast to your hand, it is always handy and that counts. You will surely appreciate the fire starter which is included there.

Elite Force 703 SET

Nůž Walther Hunting Knife Set

The Hunting Knife Set is made into wilderness, excellent for hunters or for a trip to Alaska. This set can not be missed here. There are two knives in the set, one classic, the other one for leather processing. Another useful tool is saw. All together in one case. I appreciate the small size of this set. The knife does not take a lot of space at waist and it is still by your hand. The case can be adjusted well. Winter hiking is much easier with this set.

Walther Hunting Knife Set


If you are thinking about purchase of your first knife, inspire yourself with these powerful four knives or check out our complete offer. Of course, everyone has a specific requirements. Our offer is set of different models so that everyone leaves with an ideal knife. So do not hesitate and arm yourself with the best knife. If you are not sure, contact our customer support for advice.


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