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At first glance, the modern gas piston air rifles are no different from their spring piston counterparts. Their insides contain a piston filled with inert gas which brings a number of advantages. These models offer a lower recoil which has a positive effect on your scope as well as more consistent performance and reduced noise.
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Gas Piston Air Rifles

Hatsan AirTact Vortex 5,5mm

Hatsan AirTact ED is a break barrel air rifle in caliber .22 (5,5 mm) with Vortex gas piston, which will give you more manageable recoil and much less noise than the standard spring. This means you can shoot more smoothly and comfortably.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 95.7


Gas Piston Air Rifles

Hatsan AirTact Vortex 4,5mm


Hatsan AirTact Vortex is a break barrel air rifle in caliber .177 (4,5 mm) with Vortex gas piston. This model has a tactical synthetic stock in black colour and TruGlo fiber optics sights to help you with aiming.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 119.6


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What Is A Gas Piston Air Rifle

These air rifles are powered by a gas piston filled with inert gas instead of a regular spring piston. This gives them more stable performance and reduced recoil.

Gas Piston Air Rifles Ensure Stable Performance

They might look like ordinary break barrels at a first glance but their insides tell a different story. The mainspring was replaced by the gas piston filled with inert gas (nitrogen for example) or compressed air. Gas piston air rifles offer a lower recoil and reduced vibrations. That might seem a bit strange at first because you will hardly notice any recoil when shooting with airguns but these vibrations can really mess up your scope. Gas piston eradicates this problem. It also ensures better shot-to-shot consistency, increased service life and reduced noise.

One of the most prominent figures on today’s market is the Spanish manufacturer Gamo with its Gamo IGT series (Inert Gas Technology) which have been recently joined by airguns with a magazine. Turkish manufacturer Hatsan tries to keep up with its affordable Vortex series of guns.

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