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Spring Piston Air Rifles

Browning M-Blade cal.4,5mm

The rifle is primarily intended for children there is automatic safety. It is located in the end of the body. The whole plastic stock is finished with a massive butt.

In Stock, June 13 - 15.

€ 127.3

Spring Piston Air Rifles

Hammerli Firefox 500 4,5mm

The lightest model of this manufacturer which has a grooved barrel. Plastic version of stock is suitable for right-handed, but also for the left-handed shooter. The barrel is finished with a silencer.

In Stock, June 13 - 15.

€ 131.7

Spring Piston Air Rifles

Air rifle Browning X-Blade Hunter 4,5mm FP

This full power spring piston break barrel action air rifle features a plastic-protected rifled barrel, wooden stock with textured grip and forearm surfaces, height and side adjustable sights with Tru-Glo light-guiding fibers, and an automatic safety.

12 pcs in stock, June 12 - 14.

€ 208.7

Spring Piston Air Rifles

Heckler&Koch MP7 SD 4,5 mm air rifle

The Heckler & Koch MP7 SD 4.5 mm represents a combination of tactical assault rifle, submachine gun and pistol design, while being a classic spring air rifle in an unconventional coat. The weapon features a rifled steel barrel, a retractable metal stock, and multiple 22mm rails. It has a energy up to 7.5 J and a maximum muzzle velocity of up to 141 m/s.

In Stock, June 13 - 15.

€ 135.6

Spring Piston Air Rifles - CHOOSE A SUBCATEGORY

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