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PCP Air Rifles

Umarex APX 4,5mm

Very interesting and lightweight rifle, which is suitable for novice shooters. This model is pumped via a lower lever. Magazine can catch up to 250 BBs.
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Very interesting model which will become a favorite among all shooters for sure. It is powered by piston and therefore it can be rank among PCP guns. APX is similar to the Crosman pumpmaster. But the APX has a more comfortable pumping and handle is better to hold. It has easy operation for a young users.

Workmanship of this model is at a very high level. At first glance, we can see an interesting polymer stock, which is carved and thus it has reduced weight. Under the trigger guard we find trigger, which is made of hard plastic. There is also placed a manual safety, which has to be unlocked before the shot. Safety will be active after the first pump.

Lever itself is very spacious. Pumping can be handled even by weaker shooters. It is equipped with a 11 mm dovetail for attachment of scope. Of course there are classic fixed sights. The front sight is equipped with a red dot.

The advantage of the model is that it is intended for steel BBs or pellets. Magazine is inside of stock and can hold up to 250 BBs. If you want accurate shooting, you can use pellets which are inserted into the barrel.

Practical experience: We appreciate the quality workmanship of this model. Better and easier grip  of pumping lever. Manual safety is located in front of the trigger. It is activated after first pump

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  • Air rifle

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Vzduchovka APX 4,5mm


4,5 mm / .177
180 m/s
1520 g
24 Months
Muzzle Energy: ?
10 J
Overall Lenght:
990 mm
Pellets and Steel BBs
Mounting Rail:
Barrel Length:
520 mm
Stock Material:
Fire Mode:
Break Action

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