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Fixed Blade Knives

Mikov UTON 362-BG without Accessories


The UTON 362 dagger belongs to the family of original knives from Czech manufacturer Mikov. Its construction is designed with maximum emphasis on practicality and efficiency. The core element of the knife is the Drop Point blade, which is 4 mm thick, 140 mm long and made of Bohler N690 stainless steel with a hardness of 57–59 HRC.

1 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 90.0

Folding Pocket Knives

Mikov Crocodile 243-NH-1/BS black knife


The Mikov Crocodile Folding Knife reliably handles common camping, home and outdoor tasks and with only 93 grams you won't even feel, that you are carrying it. The atypical blade is made of 420 stainless steel, which is easy to sharpen and can even handle salt water. The durable plastic handle features an ergonomic shape for comfortable handling.

3 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 18.0

Folding Pocket Knives

Mikov Elipt knife


Elipt is a quality knife for everyday use that impresses with its design, functionality and durability. The Drop Point steel blade has excellent cutting characteristics and does not blunt easily, as it is made of D2 steel with a hardness of 60–62 HRC – the blade is fixed by a Liner-lock lock built inside the aluminium ergonomic handle.

In Stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 87.2

Tactical Knives

Knife Mikov Smart 240-NN-1

The Smart 240-NN-1 pocket knife with a very narrow profile is perfect for everyday carry. The smooth-edged blade is 9.5 cm long.

2 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 67.6

Swiss Army Knives

Knife Mikov Stovka 100-NH-7 B

The 100-NH-7 B is a multifunctional pocket knife from the legendary Czech manufacturer Mikov. This model has a total of 7 tools (scissors, screwdriver, etc.).

3 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 26.8

Folding Pocket Knives

Mikov Predator Stonewash 241-BH-1 L/STKP left-handed knife


Mikov's Predator switchblade knife is without exaggeration a legend that has been in production for over thirty years. This version features a corrosion-resistant Bohler N690 Spear-Point steel blade and a handy lever opening system (automatic). The ergonomically shaped handle is made of high-quality plastic and is very easy to hold. Mikov also comes with a high-quality genuine leather belt sheath for the knife.

2 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

The Price Was Not Determined


Saw Blades

The Mikov UTON pattern 75 saw blade


The Mikov UTON pattern 75 saw blade belongs to the accessories of the UTON series of all-purpose knives. It can handle wood up to 30 mm in diameter, is made of 1070 carbon steel and its upper part can be used as a screwdriver.

4 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 10.2

Sharpening Rods

File Mikov UTON model 75


File model 75 belongs to accessories of the UTON all-purpose knives series. It is made of blackened carbon steel GR 1070. It is used for filing metals.

Temporarily Unavailable

The Price Was Not Determined


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