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An axe is a simple and effective tool used for chopping and wood processing. It can also be utilized in a number of different ways and it is perfect in survival situations. Axes consist of a head and a handle. Modern models are outfitted with anti-slip handles that ensure firm and safe grip.
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Tomahawk Walther


The manufacturer Walther is also expanding its range with the Tomahawk, which offers quality workmanship. The barrel is made of high-quality 420 steel.

1 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 47.6

Outdoor Axes

Axe Joker JKR638

It is an outdoor axe with a durable plastic fibre handle. The head is made of blackened stainless steel with a blade length of 10 cm.

7 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 27.7

Outdoor Axes

Axe Multifunctional MIL-TEC

The multifunctional axe made of cutlery steel and highly durable ABS plastic will find use in your workshop and beyond.

1 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 21.5

Splitting Axes

Cold Steel Axe Gang Hatchet

Axe Gang from the American manufacturer Cold Steel is a quality axe that you can use in almost every situation. The forged head is made of 1055 carbon steel.

1 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 39.6


Gerber Pack Hatchet Green

This axe is made in Full Tang design, so the body of the axe is made of one piece of quality steel. It is very compact, making it suitable for hiking or camping.

4 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 38.0

Outdoor Axes

Gerber Pack Hatchet green


Travel axe with compact dimensions in green colour. High durability is guaranteed by the use of a monolithic fulltang construction.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, June 8 - 12.

€ 51.7

Outdoor Axes

Walther Compact Axe

Compact and lightweight axe, manufactured by German Umarex under Walther license. The blade is made of 440C stainless steel and its length is 70 mm.

In Stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 37.2

Outdoor Axes

Walther MFA1 Axe

This compact axe consists of a carbon head and an ergonomically shaped handle made of polymer. The bit has a width of 17 mm. The package also contains a practical nylon holster.

In Stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 55.6


Standard Axes

You are going to need an axe if your house has a fireplace or if you simply just use wood for heating. Some compact axes can be a perfect addition to your toolshed. It might also be a good idea to equip yourself with an axe if you are heading into the wilderness.


The original Tomahawks were throwing axes of Native Americans. They could be also used in close-quarters combat. Modern Tomahawks are mostly used as working tools. Their heads have a standard blade on one side and a spike or a hammer on the other side.

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