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Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

The new “tacticool” iteration of the Taipan Veteran II rifle is aimed at customers who prefer a more modern and tactical look and want something a bit more unorthodox. Taipan Veteran II Tactical comes outfitted with a 480 ccm kevlar bottle for increased air volume. The free floating barrel is fully shrouded and has an extended sound moderator.
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If you have ever shot or handled the Taipan Veteran, you know how well-made and accurate it is. The gun received an overwhelming reception and was highly praised for its accuracy and excellent trigger. As the time moves on, so does technology and trends in the airgun world and this applies to Taipan as well. And now the time has finally come to present to you its latest iteration – the Veteran II.

It is so much more than just an upgraded version of the first-gen Veteran. Think of it as a completely new rifle, which builds upon the success of its predecessor and takes it even further.

Veteran II received a number of major improvements and chief among them is the completely reworked cocking mechanism, which was moved forward to be placed just above the trigger – in the perfect reach of your trigger finger. The side lever also has an exceptionally smooth action and you can now easily switch it to the other side of the rifle. 

The free floating barrel is another prominent new feature. Unlike the original Taipan, the barrel is now completely free of any bands. This means that the barrel will always hold your zero and won’t be susceptible to weather conditions or the movement of the other parts of the rifle. 

The barrel is also fully shrouded and its twist rate was especially designed for slugs. Taipan Veteran II Tactical is shipped with an extended sound moderator. If you want, you can swap it for the shorter moderator, which comes with the Standard variant. Both moderators are interchangeable.

The rifle comes outfitted with a 480cc kevlar air bottle and in combination with the Power Plenum has a total air capacity of 675cc. The maximum working pressure is 300 bar and the pressure regulator has been tweaked for increased performance.

The 20 MOA Picatinny rail on the top of the barrel is in the same axis with the barrel and offers an unparalleled accuracy. Another mounting rail is located in front of the trigger guard and offers an excellent spot to attach a bipod.

The AR-15 pistol grip gives this model great ergonomic properties and can be swapped for any commercial AR-15 grip. The synthetic buttstock features a buttpad for increased comfort while taking aim and shooting.

The only thing that remained the same is the trigger mechanism. You can’t improve on perfection as they say and the trigger on the Veteran II is as crisp as ever. Manual safety is still placed in front of the trigger as well.


Key features

– Free floating barrel

– Forward side lever

– 480cc kevlar bottle

– AR-15 pistol grip

– Ambidextrous design

– Improved pressure regulator

– 20 MOA Picatinny rail

Package contents

  • Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest
  • Magazines - 2pcs
  • Single-shot tray
  • Fill probe

Videos (4)

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest

Taipan Veteran II TAC 700mm 5,5mm Laminate Forest


5,5 mm / .22
355 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
65 J
Fill Pressure: ?
300 bar
3800 g
Overall Length:
820 mm
Barrel Length:
700 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
Mounting Rail Type:
22 mm
Stock Material:
Powerplant: ?
Pressure Regulator: ?
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
24 Months

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