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CO2 Air Rifles

Sig Sauer MCX 4,5mm


This model is supplied with high-quality magazine. Model MCX is a longer verison which is powere by 88g CO2 cartridge.
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24 Months
Sig Sauer
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Air Rifle intended for pellets and a large 88g CO2 cartridge produced by famous SIG SAUER. Since this company is among the most popular manufacturer of firearms they come with a novelty in the form of airgun for pellets. Sop everyone can enjoy shooting from the classic Sig Sauer without any firearms license.

Very unusual model on our market thanks to its full-metal body, which is really dominant feature of this rifle. As already mentioned it is powered by 88g CO2 cartridge which is inserted into the stock of gun. Disassembly is very fast and easy, since you have to push the safety to unlock the stock. At the end of stock you will find a rubber but to reduce recoils.

Handle is made of polymer. Trigger guard and the trigger are made of metal. Trigger sensitivity is very nice and really reminds shooting with a real SIG SAUER. Manual safety is located on the left side and is in a reach of the thumb while shooting. MCX magazine is made of polymer. Sig Sauer has also unique system of reloading when you insert pellets into a plastic belt which is whole inserted into magazine case. The actual capacity is 30 pellets.

Tactical flashlight can be fixed onto two weaver rails which are located on both sides of fore end. MCX model has fixed sights which are also made of metal and therefore they are really durable. Rear sight is horizontaly adjustable, front sight is verticaly adjustable. However, if you are planning accurate target shooting, you will use a weawer rail on top side to mount a riflescope or red dot.

MCX also have an eye for attaching a strap.

Practical experience: Very interesting rifle which has top quality surface treatment. 30-shots magazine with their own patented system is really easy to load. Fixed sights can be folded, you can use even low mounts for the riflescope.

Package contents

  • Air rifle
  • Key for magazine
  • Magazine

Videos (3)

Vzduchovka Sig Sauer MCX 4,5mm

Vzduchovka Sig Sauer MCX 4,5mm

Sig Sauer MCX

Sig Sauer MCX

Sig Sauer MCX 4,5mm

Sig Sauer MCX 4,5mm


Sig Sauer
4,5 mm / .177
180 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
7.5 J
4000 g
Overall Length:
883 mm
Barrel Length:
450 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Powerplant: ?
CO2 Cartridges
Fire Mode:
24 Months

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Verified customer, from 04.08.2023

Machine translation

  • quality of workmanship - all-metal body
  • copy of a sharp weapon
  • options for accessories

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Registered user, from 20.12.2022

Machine translation

Nice military design, 30 rounds without reloading, but sensitivity to ammo type. Plastic magazine and front grip look unreliable. Shooting with 12g adapter not great, can't rate with 88g bomb. Suitable for cans.

  • Nice design and 30 round magazine. I've always shot with the single shot adapter so far and it's inadequate. The air rifle soon becomes inaccurate. Poor quality diabolos like Gamo jam or drop out, I use JSB Exact exclusively. Diabolos are supposed to be jammed into the magazine with the supplied metal casting, (or maybe a match) about half the depth of the strip where it fits. The casting is also used to adjust the sights.
  • Plastic tray. The sensitivity to the quality of the devil and the ergonomically unsuitable stock, but that is not a defect of the product. Too bad there is no adapter for 2 bombs, I can not shoot a large one. The gun doesn't know the magazine is empty. I couldn't buy a spare magazine.

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Verified customer, from 04.04.2024

Machine translation

  • simple but perfectly working collimator
  • the rifle is neither light nor heavy, it fits perfectly
  • ideal for training at almost no cost

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Verified customer, from 01.04.2024

Machine translation

Super.Thank you

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Registered user, from 28.03.2023

Machine translation

I have been using the UMAREX 2X CO2 12G BOMB ADAPTER successfully. Only the sleeve covering the stock mounting on the rear of the gun won't fit. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I solved it my way.

  • Nice, realistic look. Price, in my opinion, reasonable.
  • The function rather matches the quality of the cartridge. So far I do not see a disadvantage. I do not have inflated expectations.

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Libor Chvojka

Registered user, from 13.12.2022

Machine translation

Plastic magazine,sometimes can not slide out in the tape does not hold the pellets.
Otherwise great satisfaction supr real design!!!

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Registered user, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

It looked great on the video but the reality is a bit different. I've already had it repaired for a stuck diabolk. After the repair, it works but only on half round head flat head pellets still jam and sometimes the better ones. It's just for decoration on my wall now.

  • nice look
  • quite accurate
  • quiet
  • it jams
  • sights don't fully adjust
  • the pellets are falling out of the magazine

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