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Professional metal detectors



Nokta Metal Detectors, a Turkish manufacturer, has been active in the market with metal detectors since 2001 and is committed to constantly developing new products - this is also shown by the fact that the company began funding research of innovative detector technologies in 2011.

In 2014, the Nokta brand merged with the company Makro Detectors, which has created many new opportunities. As a result, the manufacturer currently exports their products to more than 150 countries. Their success comes not only from the excellent processing quality and wide range of features, but also from unmatched prices.

In our offer you can find professional metal detectors suitable for searching for treasure, gold and other metal objects in any environment due to the IP68 rating, handheld detectors for maintaining security in public and private settings, pinpointer detectors for precise object detection and even metal detectors for the youngest treasure hunters.

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