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You Can Never Have Enough Magazines...

Magazines for CO2 Airguns

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Spare magazines for CO2 airguns always come in handy because a lot of these models can shoot in semi-automatic and even Full-Auto modes. So you might run out of ammo quite rapidly and reloading a single mag over and over again gets tiresome really fast.
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Crosman AK1 Full Auto Magazine

Crosman AK1 Full Auto CO2 air rifle has a rate of fire of that goes up to 1400 rounds per minute so it might be a good idea to purchase a few of these magazines. This metal magazine has a capacity of 25 steel BBs and it can hold two CO2 cartridges.

> 20 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 19 - 22.

$ 67.7

Crosman QR Magazine DPMS, Bushmaster MPW, R1


This Quick Reload magazine is designed for Crosman DPMS and Crosman Bushmaster fully automatic airguns. It can hold up to 300 steel BBs in .177 caliber (4,5 mm).

14 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 19 - 22.

$ 89.2

ASG Barra 5,5mm spare cartridge 1pcs

Spare pellet cartridge for ASG Barra 1866 air rifle in a 5,5 mm caliber.

> 100 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: July 19 - 22.

$ 2.8

Legends M1A1 Legendary Magazine


The spare magazine for the Umarex Legends M1A1 Legendary CO2 submachine gun with a capacity of 30 steel BBs in .177 caliber (4,5 mm).

Temporarily Unavailable

$ 57.0


Magazines Of All Kinds

Having a few spare magazines is almost always worth it because you don’t have to reload a single magazine over and over again. We offer a wide selection of mags for air rifles, air pistols and even Flobert, RAM and airsoft guns.

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