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Maximum Performance

LED Headlamps

These powerful headlamps with high light output are mainly designed for rescue workers, policemen, hunters, cyclists, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. This section includes models from Fenix, Armytek and Wuben. Some of them have a range of over 200 m.
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LED Headlamps

Headlamp Wuben H1

The Wuben H1 provides a light output of 1200 lm and illuminates a space up to 125 metres in the dark. In power saving mode, it will last up to 500 hours.

6 pcs in stock, February 1 - 3.

€ 53.7

Powerful LED Headlamps

These headlamps can turn the night into day. Some of them have a range of over 200 m and their light output ranges from 900 lm and above. They are mainly intended for professional use. Fenix headlamps are a perfect example because they are often used by rescue workers, policemen and outdoor enthusiasts.

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