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An Important Part Of Hunting Equipment

Hunting Flashlights

Every hunter knows that hunting at night requires a quality flashlight with good range. A proper hunting flashlight will help you navigate through dark forest and also track your prey. We would recommend using a red flashlight filter because the red light is not as intrusive in the night and won’t scare away wild animals.
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Flashlight Wuben H8 set

Maximum range, that's what this is all about. The dazzling 1800 lm generated by the LED will please even the most demanding users. The range of 1 km is really top of the range.

13 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 135.6

Flashlight Wuben T70 camo

Light output of 4200 lumens and a range of up to 250 metres. That's performance that's truly worth it. And the IP68 standard says it'll hold up in any situation.

11 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 103.7

Primos Bloodhunter HD flashlight

The Primos Bloodhunter flashlight with HD technology is specially designed for hunters and trappers.

1 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 143.6

Primos Bloodhunter HD Pocket Light Flashlight

Powerful flashlight with a special optical system to highlight the colour of blood. The Bloodhunter flashlight works in two modes.

In Stock in Our Central Warehouse, estimated delivery: December 15 - 18.

€ 103.7

Armytek Zippy ES WR pocket flashlight - yellow

Zippy WE Extended is an innovative series of handy, practical lights that you can put in your pocket.

2 pcs in stock, estimated delivery: December 13 - 15.

€ 26.0

Fenix TK09 LED flashlight

TK09 tactical flashlight with Cree XP-L HI LED, which can be controlled from 450–900 lumens. The flashlight operates in 3 steady and 1 intermitten­t mode.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 72.0


Fenix TK15 UE LED flashlight

The TK15 UE flashlight is equipped with a modern and high-performance Cree XP-L HI V3 diode. The waterproof design of the flashlight meets the IPX-8 standard.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 84.0


Fenix TK20R LED flashlight

Tactical flashlight with fast charging function via built-in microUSB port. Two CR123A batteries can be used as an alternative power source.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 112.0


Flashlight Fenix TK35 2018

Updated TK35 2018 fla­shlight with the latest Cree XHP35 1300 lumen LED. Durable IP68 construction is made of aluminum.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 116.0


LED flashlight Fenix TK25 Red

Tactical flashlight with highly durable body in black. This model facilitates hunting and tactical activities in night conditions.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 104.0


LED flashlight Fenix TK32 2016

Durable flashlight based on the design of the popular TK22 flashlight. The reflector is newly equipped with a red and green diode.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 108.0


LED flashlight Fenix TK35 UE 2018

New generation flashlight with diode reflector equipped with the latest XHP70 diode. Ideal luminosity is guaranteed by the smooth OP reflector.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 148.0


LED flashlight Fenix TK72R

The Fenix TK72 flashlight has the most intense illumination in the Fenix range, with three new generation LEDs.

Long-term Unavailable

€ 340.0


Flashlights For Your Hunting Rifle

A hunting flashlight has to be able to withstand recoils of powerful calibers and it should also be resistant to water. You might be wondering how to attach a flashlight to your weapon. It is really straightforward. All you need to do is to choose the right mount to match the tube diameter of the flashlight. It might also be a good idea to purchase a remote switch. This will allow you to turn the light on or off without having to change your grip.

Flashlight Filters

These filters are a practical accessory for every flashlight. You can use them to mark your position and they are also very important for hunters. The red light is not as intrusive in the night and won’t scare away the wild animals and distort your vision as much. A green light is ideal for movement in the forest or map navigation.

A Hunting Flashlight Makes Tracking Easier

Sometimes you might have to track a wounded animal. That can prove quite difficult, especially at night. Primos Bloodhunter comes with a special optical filter that can highlight blood. You can also purchase a more compact variant. Wuben H8 with a range of up to 1 km is the obvious choice if you need to cover a large area. A headlamp is great for skinning because it will free up both of your hands.

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