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Gas Piston Air Rifles

Gamo Speedster IGT 10x 5,5mm


Gamo Speedster is a unique break barrel air rifle with a 10-shot magazine. This means you can shoot faster and more effectively, which makes it perfect for pest control.
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24 Months
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Gamo Speedster is a unique break barrel air rifle with a 10-shot magazine. This means you can shoot faster and more effectively, which makes it perfect for pest control.

The horizontal placement of the magazine allows you to use iron sights and lower scope mounts. The TruGlo sights will help you with aiming and the rear sight is adjustable.

This model utilizes the IGT system, which will give you more manageable recoil and much less noise than the standard spring. This means you can shoot more smoothly and comfortably. The barrel is outfitted with the Whisper Maxxim sound moderator.

The synthetic ambidextrous stock has a rubber buttpad for recoil absorption. The trigger is fully adjustable. The manual safety is located in front of the trigger. You can use the 11 mm mounting rail for scope attachment.  

The barrel is shrouded, which further decreases the noise. The pellets need to be placed properly into the magazine, they can get deformed otherwise. The slots are numbered so you can always tell how many shots remain.

Key features

• 10-shot magazine

• Tru-Glo sights

• Synthetic stock

• IGT system

• Adjustable trigger

Package contents

  • Speedster IGT 10x 5,5mm air rifle Magazine - 1pc

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Vzduchovka Gamo Speedster IGT 10x 5,5mm


5,5 mm / .22
210 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
24 J
3100 g
Overall Length:
1150 mm
Barrel Length:
400 mm
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Iron Sights:
Gas Piston
Fire Mode:
Break Barrel
24 Months

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Verified customer, from 14.10.2022

Machine translation

Strong and nice air rifle for adult men.

  • The air rifle is lighter than I expected, the execution of the plastics in the details is precise and clean. Ergonomics are excellent and the design is nice. The sights are fine, easy to see, and the sight is protected by a basket. Magazine function can be affected by poor quality ammo (I've had experience with Roadster 4.5), so I straight up only use JSB diabolos. Sometimes it can happen that when another diabolos is fired it pops out or hangs up, it happened to me 1x so far. A rifle with a magazine cannot be loaded by hand, only through the magazine. If the ammunition is of good quality, the shooting is fast. The supplied magazine has green numbers showing the number of shots remaining, this color is bland. On a new rifle, the sights need to be adjusted first, then it is accurate and excellent with a rifle scope. A little more force is needed to cock it and the shot will definitely register with the neighbours.

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Verified customer, from 01.11.2022

Machine translation

  • For a solid price,good air rifle

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Verified customer, from 13.10.2022

Machine translation

Accurate and quite powerful air rifle.

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