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Spring Piston Air Rifles

Gamo Elite Fusion 4,5mm

Spring piston air rifles are quite straightforward. All you need to do is to cock the mainspring, insert a pellet, disengage the safety and pull the trigger. Even a child can do it. Their biggest selling point is their affordable price. You don’t need much to get you started. Just buy some pellets, a cleaning kit and maybe a scope and you are good to go.
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An interesting air rifle Gamo, which is sure to attract every air rifle enthusiast with its appearance. The fundamental change of this model is its stock, which is perfectly ergonomically shaped. The stock is so-called pistol grip and therefore fits precisely in the hand. In the grip of the neck, the hand fully embraces the gun. The stock is finished with a rubber boot, which can be adjusted for the strength of the deceleration, using rubber fillers.

The somewhat unconventional barrel of this model, which is wrapped with a plastic cover, thus protecting the steel part of the barrel against corrosion. The barrel is topped with a moderator, which on this model serves more to better exit the pellet from the barrel. If you're a fan of shooting through conventional sights, you'll appreciate the light guide fibers. If you want to use the full potential of the rifle, you will use the eleven millimeter fishfinder for mounting the rifle scope. The herringbone is evolved, but can be removed.

The gun safety is located in front of the trigger guard, which is adjustable.

Practical experience:
We definitely appreciate the shape and fit of the stock, which fits well in the hands. Unconventional appearance. Parts are the same as previous models. The weight of this model is very favorable.

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  • Rifle
  • Instructions

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