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Spring Piston Air Rifles

Gamo Adventure Survival Set 4,5mm

Spring piston air rifles are quite straightforward. All you need to do is to cock the mainspring, insert a pellet, disengage the safety and pull the trigger. Even a child can do it. Their biggest selling point is their affordable price. You don’t need much to get you started. Just buy some pellets, a cleaning kit and maybe a scope and you are good to go.
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24 Months
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An interesting combination of two big names in airguns and survival. Gamo has introduced us the Adventure Survival Set, which is called BG (Bear Grylls).

A very interesting set of sixteen Joule air rifles with an orange coloured plastic stock. In addition, in the package you also get 150pcs of Red Fire pellets and 50pcs of targets.

The rifle is very similar to the gamo Shadow DX model, which is already sufficiently tested. It is designed to be fired through classic Tru-glo sights. It is also possible to use an 11mm fishfinder for mounting the rifle scope. Left-handed shooters will appreciate the rifle, thanks to the ambidextrous stock. The plastic stock is topped with a massive dot that perfectly mutes recoil.

Bear Grylls, or Edward Michael Grylls by name, is a British adventurer, writer and presenter. He spent a significant part of his life in the SAS Special Forces. Today, many people know him from the show Survival in Extreme Conditions. However, this man's latest hobby is shooting guns and also airguns, which is why Gamo didn't hesitate to develop this line.

Practical Experience: An interesting untested airgun based on the Shadow line.
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Package contents

  • Rifle
  • diabolo 150pcs
  • targets 50pcs
  • Instructions

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Spring Piston
24 Months

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