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PCP Air Rifles

FX Impact M3 Sniper Bronze 5,5mm

This is the third generation of the successful series of PCP air rifles from Swedish manufacturer FX Airguns. Almost all aspects of its predecessors were reworked and improved. These upgrades include a new Power Plenum and dual regulator system.
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FX Impact M3 is the latest PCP air rifle from Swedish manufacturer FX Airguns. It is the third generation of the highly successful series of airguns and almost all aspects of its predecessors were reworked and improved. 

This model comes with the 700 mm Sniper Edition barrel. The barrel was especially designed for extreme long-range accuracy. You can also replace it with a barrel in a different caliber (the Smooth Twist X technology). The barrel is shrouded and outfitted with an additional sound moderator

One of the most prominent features is the Quick Tune System. It will allow you to fine tune your rifle without the need of any additional tools. You can adjust practically everything from air pressure to hammer spring tension.

The dual regulator system takes the performance of this rifle to the next level. The first regulator will reduce the air pressure and prepare it for the second regulator. This solution provides less stress on the second regulator and allows the gun to achieve more consistent results with minimum of deviations.

The carbon air cylinder has a capacity of 580 cc and a maximum fill pressure of 250 Bar. This should give you about 330 shots. The reworked Power Plenum 720 is the driving force of this airgun. Unlike its predecessors, it has a larger diameter and a capacity of 72 cc. This provides the precise amount of air and power needed to propel the pellet.

The new short throw cocking lever is outfitted with a larger handle for easier manipulation and you can also attach it to the other side of the rifle. Its action is simply amazing and in combination with the included large capacity magazine, makes shooting a really enjoyable experience.

The trigger is fully adjustable and it is one of the best we have ever tried. The manual safety is located on the right side of the weapon, above the trigger. The buttstock has a rubber butt pad for more comfort. The modular design of this model will allow you to attach all kinds of different tactical accessories. It has four 22 mm Weaver rails in total. 

Key features

• 700 mm Sniper Edition barrel

• Power Plenum 720

• Dual pressure regulator system

• 580 cc carbon air cylinder

• Modular design

Package contents

  • FX Impact M3 Sniper Bronze 5,5mm PCP air rifle
  • Sound moderator
  • Magazine
  • Fill adapter

Videos (2)

FX Impact M3 Sniper Bronze 5,5mm

FX Impact M3 Sniper Bronze 5,5mm


FX Airguns
5,5 mm / .22
240 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
60 J
3250 g
Overall Length:
855/970 mm
Barrel Length:
700 mm
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Iron Sights:
Pressure Regulator:
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
24 Months

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