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PCP Air Rifles

FX Dreamline Tactical 6,35mm

With the advent of FX Dreamline Lite, the innovations you've only dreamed of become a reality. Introducing the latest PCP from the Swedish manufacturer. This model is in caliber .25 (6,35 mm).
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24 Months
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With the advent of FX Dreamline Tactical, the innovations you've only dreamed of become a reality. Introducing the latest PCP from the Swedish manufacturer. From a classic bullpup you will suddenly build a competition special for weekend races in the field, target discipline or use compatible accessories from the popular AR-15 to build a hunting rifle. Nothing is impossible with FX Dreamline.

The secret lies in the revolutionary FX Smooth Twist X barrel, one of the world's top. With a unique solution, you can simply change the caliber in just a few minutes. And not only the caliber but the manufacturer even offers a variety of barrel bores. If you require less noise, the barrel can be fitted with a silencer with a standard 1/2 UNF thread.
Dreamline Tactical offers a variety of settings for optimum results with different types of ammunition. The weapon is equipped with dual power control, one to regulate hammer spring and the other to adjust the air flow. The standard equipment includes a pressure regulator, which can be easily adjusted.

Dreamline Tactical is equipped with a standard air tank with capacity of 220 ccm with an operating pressure of 230 BAR. But if you need more shots, it is possible to buy an air tank with larger capacity.

The trigger is fully adjustable and is one of the best we have ever tried. Manual safety is in AR-15 style and is located on the right side of the stock, just above the trigger.

PLEASE NOTE: This model is supplied without the rear stock! Customer can buy any stock from AR-15 rifle according to personal requirements.

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Package contents

  • FX Dreamline Tactical 5,5mm
  • Magazine
  • Quickfill

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Smooth Twist


FX Airguns
6,35 mm / .25
200 m/s
2900 g
24 Months
Muzzle Energy: ?
60 J
Overall Lenght:
800 mm
Mounting Rail:
Barrel Length:
600 mm
Magazine Capacity:
With A Magazine:
Pressure Regulator:

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