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Evanix Hunting Master AR6 5,5mm


Large capacity air tank ensure sufficient amount of shots even at full power. Stock is topped with an adjustable butt that help you to find the perfect grip of weapon.
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€ 876.0

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24 Months
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Hunting Master is really very strong player in the field of air guns. It is intended primarily for hunting, but its performance in of 4.5 mm caliber is also suitable for target shooting. Hunting Master is equipped with a 6 rounds magazine. The reloading system of this weapon is really unique. In fact, you do not have to do anything, stretching etc.. Just shoot one shot after another. With this system you can reach up to 6 shots in 3 seconds, which is really amazing.

It is already equipped with a wooden stock of Sepetia. The stock has a cheekpiece shaped in MonteCarlo and is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. The entire stock is topped with a rubber butt which is vertically adjustable. The gun is very well balanced so it provides high-quality shooting in any conditions. All parts of this weapon are constructed to support up to 80 Joules power. For this reason it is a very reliable weapon.

Hunting Master is not equipped with sights, since the power of this weapon is so high that it requires to use riflescope. Built-in pressure manometer allows monitoring pressure of gun. The air tank is an incredibly large. The number of shots depends on the muzzle energy and the fire mode. The weapon is equipped with 22 mm mounting rail for easy mounting of riflescope. Also there is a safety for ensuring against unwanted shot.

Practical experience: Even of 4.5 mm caliber the weapon can be proud of its incredible destructive effects. We also appreciate the high capacity air tank. The advantage is also the second magazine, which is included. We were nicely surprised by the quality of processing of individual parts and their mutual alignment. If you are looking forward to a powerfull and accurate weapon, this will be the right choice.

Package contents

  • Air Rifle Evanix Hunting Master AR6 5,5 mm
  • 2x Magazine
  • Quickfill (probe)

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Evanix Hunting Master AR6

Evanix Hunting Master AR6


5,5 mm / .22
340 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
60 J
3100 g
Overall Length:
970 mm
Barrel Length:
590 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Powerplant: ?
Fire Mode:
24 Months

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Registered user, from 15.03.2023

Machine translation

My friend ordered it through my account, so I can't rate it. But so far he is satisfied.

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Questions about the product (3)

Erick Brion, 26.08.2023
Hello, I can read in the product description of the Hunting Master 5,5mm that this model is equipped with a built moderator in its whole barrel...Is this so ? I can't see this in the picture above ? Regards
Michal , 28.08.2023
Hello, unfortunately that was an outdated information, right now the gun looks exactly like the one on the photo. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
László Kovács, 07.08.2020
Hi. Do You know when it will be in stock again? Regards
Michal , 07.08.2020
Hello, hopefully in 4-6 weeks.
Kovács László, 02.06.2020
When will it be in stock again? Regards
Michal , 02.06.2020
Hello, we expect the restock in 2-3 months.
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