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Gas Piston Air Rifles

Crosman Mag-Fire Extreme 5,5mm


Crosman MAG-Fire Extreme is a tactical break barrel air rifle with a 10-shot magazine. This makes it really fun to shoot. This model comes with a 3–9×40AO scope and a mount.
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Crosman MAG-Fire Extreme is a tactical break barrel air rifle with a 10-shot magazine. This makes it really fun to shoot. The gun is powered by a gas piston which reduces recoil and makes it more silent.

The tactical synthetic stock is highly durable and resistant to unfavourable weather conditions. The QuietFire system reduces the overall noise this airgun makes even further. The synthetic trigger is fully adjustable.

This model comes with a 3-9x40AO scope and a mount.

Key features

• 10-shot magazine

• QuietFire system

• Lightweight synthetic stock

• 3-9x40AO scope 

• Adjustable trigger   

Package contents

  • man Mag-Fire Extreme 5,5mm air rifle Magazine 3-9x40AO scope Scope mount

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Crosman Mag-Fire Extreme

Crosman Mag-Fire Extreme


5,5 mm / .22
240 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
20 J
4100 g
Overall Length:
1143 mm
Barrel Length:
450 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With a Scope:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
Powerplant: ?
Gas Piston
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
Break Barrel
24 Months

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Registered user, from 13.12.2022

Machine translation

I like it, but I haven't gotten comfortable with it, maybe in 4.5 it would be more comfortable and accurate shooting, I don't know. I recommend at least one spare magazine, if it goes bad you won't shoot. Mine broke the last position and the diabolo is falling through, so I only have it for 9 shots, but it works. Rapid fire without reloading is great. The rifle is pretty heavy, definitely not for kids or beginners.

  • Nice design, good grip, but above all a 10 shot magazine that works. But be careful, don't spin it without inserting a pellet, you can't roll it, just insert and shoot. Leave the last position free. The magazine shows how many shots you have fired, not how many shots are left. The opposite of the Gamo. The scope is not bad considering the price, it has screw-in chambers, but you can click with your fingers without a tool. It has no backlight and the distances are in yards.
  • 24J requires breaking and stretching force. Nothing for the youngsters. Also, it's heavy, shooting without support rather not. Despite shooting with a bag, I still have distraction. (Not with others). The stock is hard rubber and the rifle kicks quite a bit. The vaseline was dry, wanted to re-grease in the breaking, that was not a problem.

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Registered user, from 20.01.2023

Machine translation

  • Unpolished dies, magazines have no tolerance for less accurately made pellets. All it takes is a slightly wider skirt and the pellets will jam and damage the magazine when reloading..

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