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PCP Air Rifles

AirMaks Katran 6,35mm

AirMaks Katran is a lightweight PCP air rifle with folding aluminium stock. The magazine has a capacity of fourteen .25 caliber pellets (6,35 mm).

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The Czech manufacturer AirMaks has just introduced a brand-new model named after the Black Sea shark – the Katran.

AirMaks Katran is a lightweight PCP air rifle with folding aluminium buttstock. It has an overall weight of only 2.5 kg. The CNC machined buttstock can be folded to the left side with just one press of the button and is held in place by a magnet. The cheek rest and buttpad are made from durable ABS polymer. 

The action is simply amazing. You can cock the rifle with one finger and without having to take your eyes off the target. The side lever has incredibly smooth action and short travel. You have the option to take it off and attach it to the left side. This model is also outfitted with a mechanism that prevents double feeds

The barrel has a length of 400 mm and is outfitted with a sound moderator. You can add more baffles to make it even more effective or use any sound moderator with the 1/2 UNFx20 thread.

The air cylinder has a capacity of 200 cc and a maximum fill pressure of 300 Bar. The forearm with 9 KeyMod slots is attached directly to the cylinder. This pushes the overall balance of the rifle slightly forward. The 22 mm Weaver rail will allow you to attach a scope.

The magazine has a capacity of fourteen .25 caliber pellets (6,35 mm). The trigger is fully adjustable.

The AR-15 pistol grip offers great ergonomic properties. The manual safety is located on the left side of the body and you can even control it with the buttstock folded.

AirMaks Katran comes in a practical padded case.

Key features

• Lightweight design

• Smooth action

• Folding buttstock

• Built-in sound moderator

• Double feed safety

Package contents

  • aks Katran 6,35mm PCP air rifle Quick-Fill nozzle with a hose, discharging tool 1x magazine Padded case

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Vzduchovka AirMaks Katran


AirMaks Arms
6,35 mm / .25
220 m/s
2530 g
24 Months
Muzzle Energy: ?
54 J
Overall Lenght:
910 mm
Mounting Rail:
Barrel Length:
400 mm
Magazine Capacity:
With A Magazine:
Stock Material:
Pressure Regulator:
Fire Mode:
Break Action

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