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PCP Air Rifles

Airgun Technology Vulcan Tactic BPS 6,35mm

Bullpup models are very popular and therefore Airgun Technology company develop this powerfull PCP air rifle. It is a classic air rifle, which is powered by compressed air. The rifle is multi-shot.
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Another company which produces air rifles in the Czech Republic, came up with a new modern look Bullpup. It is Airgun Technology. Production of their air rifles takes place in Prague. There are already so much similar models at the market, so they tried to develop a new system of reloading. If you are tired of reloading by side lever, this model is the right one for you.

As mentioned before the point of interest of this rifle is reloading system located below  the 22mm Weaver rail. Therefore you can be aiming on target and reloading in the same time. Next advantage of this reloading system is the possibility to swap it to the other side for left-handed shooter.

The rifle is designed for shooting with magazine, which is 13-shots in 4.5mm caliber, 11-shots in 5.5mm caliber and 9-shots 6.35mm caliber. Magazine follow the shape of the body and almost fit into the designated space. So it is not disturbing the whole design. Package includes 2 pieces of magazine.

The air tank is classically extended over the entire length of barrel. It is ended with a classical pressure gauge. For easy and quick filling there is a QuickFill (probe) adapter that comes in the package from the manufacturer. Barrel is covered by an effective silencer.

The trigger mechanism is located as the standard of other Bullpup manufacturers. Safety is located in front of the trigger.

Practical experience: Bullpup Vulcan is a high quality PCP airrifle. This model offers many modifications which are not available on other models. The advantage is classic manual safety. We like the magazines which are durable and almost shaped as the body of weapon. You will not regret if you will try this air rifle.

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Package contents

  • Air Rifle
  • Manual
  • 2x Magazine
  • Quickfill (probe)
  • Filling set

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Airgun Technology Vulcan Tactic BPS


Airgun Technology
6,35 mm / .25
200 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
61 J
3600 g
Overall Length:
854 mm
Barrel Length:
450 mm
Iron Sights:
Mounting Rail:
With A Magazine:
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:
24 Months

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