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.22 (5,5 mm) Pellets

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster 5,50mm 200pcs


As the name suggests this is a very heavy pellet, which is suitable for the most powerful air guns. With this combination it can achieve a high impact energy. Suitable for fans of FAC rifles.

7 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 8.3

.22 (5,5 mm) Pellets

JSB Exact Jumbo 5,52mm 250pcs


The central dispersion of 19 mm on shooting at distance of 102 yards (about 90 meters) is the sign of accuracy with these pellets. Exact products undergo a thorough hand-picked quality control.

> 50 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 8.4

Pellet Presses

Presslug .217 (5,51mm) Pellet Press

Presslug is a manual pellet press. It will allow you to create your very own airgun slugs. The press is controlled by a single lever which makes it really easy to use. You can use this model to create 5,52 mm slugs.

1 pcs in stock, April 3 - 5.

€ 1 796.1

.22 (5,5 mm) Pellets

JSB Exact Jumbo RS 5,52mm

The fastest pellets from Czech manufacturer JSB. Their semicircular heads and overall shape means they can reach high velocities. Each pellet is carefully picked and tested. These pellets are perfect for hunters and professional shooters.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 8.4


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