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High-Quality and Affordable Knives



The now world-famous Chinese brand Ganzo was founded more than 20 years ago in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province. Back then, it was a small group of enthusiasts who started to produce quality and affordable knives.

Almost immediately after entering the local market, the company began to grow and has now reached the status of a large international company. Its product portfolio has grown to include multi-purpose pliers and sharpeners that provide professional knife maintenance. Ganzo knives, multi-tools and sharpeners are very popular far beyond their country of origin - most notably in the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and France.


Multitools are designed to make it convenient to use all the included tools. The types of tools vary from model to model in both number and purpose. Therefore, you can choose a model that suits you perfectly. If you are a DIYer who doesn't like to carry a tool bag around with you, the G105 Multitool Set will no doubt come in handy. True hobbyists will appreciate the G101-H set.


The same positive feedback comes from customers for Ganzo sharpeners and sharpening stones. These are designed for home use, for travelers, for professionals as well as beginners. The hallmark of each type is its high utility.


If we focus on the most important group in Ganzo's portfolio, i.e. knives, we find that under this brand we find mostly folding knives made of 440C stainless steel. All types are equipped with a blade locking mechanism that prevents the knife from closing by itself and, consequently, from possible injury.

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Tactical Knives

Ganzo closing knife G620-B1


Ganzo quality closing knife in stylish black design. The utility blade has a concave cut, corrosion resistance is enhanced by a black protective coating.

17 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 11.3

Multi-Purpose Knives

Ganzo G301 Multitool

A great helper for all DIY or survival enthusiasts, this is a multitool. It fits comfortably in your pocket or on your belt and is always at hand.

3 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 43.7

Tactical Knives

Ganzo G707 closing knife


Closing knife G707 with quick opening mechanism. The design of the knife is very elegant and sophisticated to the smallest detail.

1 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 33.2

Tactical Knives

Ganzo closing knife G613

Closing knife for everyday use. The combined blade is made up of a smooth and serrated zone. The blade is made of stainless steel.

10 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 9.6

Belt Holsters

Firebird knife sheath


The nylon sheath with elasticated side walls is the ideal accessory when carrying the Firebird series pocket knives.

> 20 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 4.0

Multi-Purpose Pliers

Ganzo G204 Multitool

Pocket multitool with aluminium handle in black finish. Holes in the handle make it easy to distinguish individual tools.

13 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 26.0


Ganzo Firebird F804 machete


The Ganzo Firebird F804 is a massive machete based on the traditional Kukri sharp instrument from the Indian subcontinent.

> 20 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 40.9

Tactical Knives

Ganzo G611-BK closing knife

High quality knife with Drop Point blade made of 440 stainless steel. Practical carabiner at the end of the handle allows you to easily hang the knife.

19 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 11.0

Tactical Knives

Ganzo closing knife G617


Classic Ganzo G617 utility knife with a utility blade made of high quality hardened stainless steel. This material is a guarantee of high quality.

> 20 pcs in stock, June 7 - 9.

€ 9.6

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