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PCP Air Rifles

Evanix Rainstorm SL-SHB 5,5mm

Among the shooters is very popular side lever mechanism. It is because of the quick and simple control. The caliber of 5.5 mm (.22) is the ideal for hunting and pest control.
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Guarantee :
24 Months
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Rainstorm SL-SHB is product of EVANIX. This company produces only high-quality air guns which dominate in PCP rifles industry. The gun has a modern side-lever mechanism which is easily controllable. It is already equipped with a wooden stock of Sepetia. The stock has a cheekpiece shaped in MonteCarlo and is suitable for right-handers and left-handers. The entire stock is topped with a rubber butt which is vertically adjustable. The gun is very well balanced so it provides high-quality shooting in any conditions.

The rifle is already delivered with a new magazines, which are developed for all EVANIX air rifles. Magazines are ready to use (You don´t need mechanism to rotate with magazines). A similar system also use English producer Daystate.

Rainstorm SL-SHB is not equipped with sights, since the power of this weapon is so high that it requires to use riflescope. This model is equipped with a built moderator in his whole barrel.

Built-in pressure manometer allows monitoring of pressure in gun. The recommended value of pressure is 200 bar by the manufacturer. The weapon is equiped with 11mm mounting rail. Also there is a safety against unwanted shot.

This airgun is equipped with magazine for 10pcs of pellets, so you do not have to worry about reloading after each shot. The trigger is adjustable to sides and the resistance of trigger is adjustable too. Weapons Evanix are characterized by beautiful and accurate processing and high reliability. These guns are made for high performance to around 60 Joules. The power is limited to 16J for our market.

Practical experience: This gun fits to your hand perfectly. Quality of processing and surface treatment of each part is really high.The stock has beautiful engraving and through the use of wood Sepetia it looks very valuable. I recommend this air rifle to anyone who want to have the pleasure of shooting and is attracted of longer distance shooting.

Package contents

  • Air Rifle
  • 2x Magazine
  • Quickfill (probe)
  • Manual

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Evanix Rainstorm SL-SHB


5,5 mm / .22
240 m/s
3200 g
24 Months
Muzzle Energy: ?
16 J
Overall Lenght:
1020 mm
Mounting Rail:
Barrel Length:
550 mm
Magazine Capacity:
Stock Material:

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