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This model is CO2 version of the famous Tokarev pistol. This gun is for BBs and is intended primarily for recreational shooting. CO2 cartridges are inserted into the pistol grip. 18-shot magazine.
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Crosman has introduced a replica of the well-known Russian weapon TOKAREV. At first sight we can see high quality metallic finish body that can withstand rough handling.

18-shots magazine is located in the pistol handle. Gun is driven by 12gr. CO2 capsules, which is located in the pistol handle too. Number of shots per capsule is about 80x.

Single Action - shot after the stretching the cock and then shooting automatically

Double Action - cock may not be stretched first for rapid fire

Practical experience: It is a well-constructed replica of Tokarev. We like its robust design and low consumption of CO2.




Package contents

  • Air pistol
  • Magazine
  • Manual

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24 Months

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