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Crosman 1377 American Classic


Model 1377 is an air gun with a pump system. With it you can determine the power of the shot. It is particularly suitable for target shooting. It features high accuracy and reliability.
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A short one-shot air pistol Crosman 1377 with patented Pump system. Thanks to grooved barrel and driving by compressed air it is very accurate for target shooting.

The power of the weapon affects the number of pumps (5x = 5J, 10x = 9J). The manufacturer recommends pumping the weapon a maximum of 10 times, a higher number of pumps may result in damage to the weapon

Stock and handguard pump are made of durable polymer. So you do not have to worry about breakage. The advantage is also vertically adjustable sight.

Package contents

  • Air pistol
  • Manual

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4,5 mm / .177
180 m/s
Muzzle Energy: ?
9 J
900 g
Overall Length:
346 mm
Barrel Length:
238 mm
Mounting Rail:
Fire Mode:
Manual Cocking
Grip: ?
24 Months

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Slavomír Molnár

Registered user, from 14.12.2022

Machine translation

  • good workmanship, fun and accurate shooting at 10 m
  • a bit coarse fly, it's a disadvantage for longer distances

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Verified customer, from 30.05.2022

Machine translation

The gun shoots well and accurately. The advantage is in the possibility of dosing the force of the shot (by the number of pumps of the air piston). The plastic bonding is not 100%, but considering the price it's totally fine. It does not have a negative effect on the function. Only complaint – the axis of the sight and sights is not flush. The fly is a little skewed towards the slit of the sights. This is a cosmetic defect, for my use it does not affect function. So good.
The gun is relatively quiet, pumping is fine, it shoots both pellets and buckshot.

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Verified customer, from 07.01.2023

Machine translation

Really very nice windbreaker and a very decent shot. 15mm chipboard throughout. I'm looking for a sight for the steel breech. So far, no luck.

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Jarda S.

Registered user, from 16.12.2022

Machine translation

I bought the gun with the understanding that it would be modified. Incredibly simple and light. The internet is full of all sorts of modifications and variations. it is very popular in the airgun community.

  • Simplicity
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Endless tuning and customisation possibilities
  • use of Whitworth threaded bolts

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Verified customer, from 24.08.2022

Machine translation

Very accurate indeed.

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Verified customer, from 03.10.2023

Machine translation

  • It has more power than a spring gun or a CO2 gun.

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Verified customer, from 19.12.2022

Machine translation

The pumping does not match the instructions on the air rifle. With two cycles, the diabolus doesn't leave the barrel at all. It only works a little bit at 6 cycles. Further, the trigger is so hard that the gun jerks when fired.

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Verified customer, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

A great product for all target shooting enthusiasts to have fun with. The slide and collimator can only enhance the experience.

  • I was surprised by the accuracy to 20m
  • I'll hit the crown at 10m

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Verified customer, from 28.01.2021

Machine translation

  • As I wrote in my comments about the shop..., I haven't had a chance to fully test the product yet, just a few shots in the garage. So far I'm satisfied, but I can comment and evaluate in more detail only after field testing in the garden. Have a nice day.

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Miloslav Fišer

Registered user, from 11.12.2022

Machine translation

Good handling

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Questions about the product (1)

rosso, 23.10.2023
bonjour vous pouvez livrer en france sans soucis? PCP Air Pistols Crosman 1377 American Classic
Mirka , 23.10.2023
Hello, yes we ship to France.
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