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Steambow is a company offering top quality pneumatically powered crossbows, pistol crossbows, bows and various accessories. 

The business was created by the fusion of great enthusiasm and know-how from a wide variety of industries; from aerospace through automotive to weapons. The company thus can be proud of a highly qualified engineering team and products of the hi-tec quality.

The offer includes revolutionary pistol crossbows, pneumatic crossbows and compound bows along with a variety of equipment. Everything is designed modularly so you can combine the components in different ways. 

Pistol crossbows and crossbows also include components from the legendary AR-15 rifle and are compatible with them. This opens up a large scale of possibilities to optimize your weapon.

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Crossbow Spare Parts

CQ Crossbow Limb for Steambow AR-6 Stinger II 35lbs


This Tactical limb for the Steambow AR-6 Stinger II pistol crossbow is made of fiberglass and has carbon tips on the ends. Depending on arrow weight and number of times the string has been twisted, it increases the crossbow's power by 7.4 lbs.

1 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 31.6

Archery Accessories

Finger Grip for Fenris bows


The Finger Grip for Fenris bows provides support for the index finger of the hand holding the bow while allowing you to hold the bow in the cocked position. This version has a silver finish.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 39.6

Compound Bows

M1 Steambow Fenris bow

The Fenris bow is a professional bow offering a wide variety of settings and design modifications. Durable aluminium and magnesium construction allows for adjustable length and draw strength.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 279.7

Scope Mounts

Picatiny rail Steambow Fenris rear


The Picatinny rear rail for the Steambow Fenris allows mounting of a rear sight. Together with the rail we get two Allen screws.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 62.0

Pistol Crossbows

Steambow AR-6 Stinger II Compact 35lbs Pistol Crossbow

Steambow AR-6 Stinger II Compact is a repeating pistol crossbow with a 6-bolt magazine and a draw weight of 35 pounds. Its durable glass/carbon limbs deliver about 10 J of kinetic energy, which is comparable to most other crossbows with 80 lbs draw weights.

4 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 252.6

Laser Sights

Steambow Fenris Laser Sight

This windage and elevation adjustable laser sight is designed for the Steambow Fenris compound bow and comes complete with battery and an Allen key.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 62.0

Bow Accessories

Steambow Fenris Magazine for Compound Bows


This revolutionary magazine for compound bows from Austrian company Steambow has a capacity of 5 arrows and is compatible with most modern compound bows. It will significantly increase your rate of fire without impacting the accuracy.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 1 005.9

Recurve Crossbows

Steambow Onyx 330 FPS Recurve Crossbow

The Steambow ONYX crossbow breaks all established crossbow standards. At first glance, it impresses with its timeless design based on the tactical design of AR-15 rifles. It is the first crossbow ever to boast PowerUnit pneumatic technology that uses a 300bar cylinder for its propulsion.

2 pcs in stock, at Thursday 1. 12. at yours

€ 1 499.6

Laser Sights

Steambow AR-6 Red Laser Sight


This laser sight was designed for the Steambow AR-6 Stinger I and AR-6 Stinger II pistol crossbows. It produces a red laser beam and you can insert it into the accessory compartment on your crossbow.

Temporarily Unavailable

€ 10.1


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