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Night vision scope PARD DS35-70 940nm


The well-proven manufacturer PARD is once again coming out with a high-end DS35–70 940nm night vision scope. Clean and crisp image is provided by a 70mm lens with 5.6× optical zoom, sensitive UltraHD CMOS sensor with which you can capture 2560×1440px images or 1920×1080px videos, an IPS LCD 800×800px display with 2× digital zoom, wide field of view and fast response and diopter correction ±5D. The 940nm illumination has a range of 500m and 3 intensity levels.
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Objective Lens Diamater


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The well-proven manufacturer PARD is once again coming out with a high-end DS35-70 940nm night vision scope. This model can be used at night as well as during the day thanks to the regular color day mode.

A clean and crisp image is ensured by several top-quality components, including a 70mm lens with 5.6x optical zoom, a highly sensitive UltraHD CMOS sensor with which you can capture 2560x1440px images or 1920x1080px videos, and last but not least, a round IPS LCD 800x800px display with 2x digital zoom, wide field of view and fast response, or a diopter correction of ±5D.

The IR illuminator with 940nm wavelength has a range of up to impressive 500m, 3 selectable intensity levels and an adjustable light cone so you can easily find the ideal settings for all situations.

The night vision scope offers a total of 4 display modes - colour day mode, black and white, green and yellow. You can also choose from 6 reticles in 4 colors that can be zeroed for up to 5 guns. The reticle does not move while zeroing. Instead, the whole image is adjusted.

The features include Picture-in-picture function and Recoil-activated recording - which starts as early as 8 seconds before the shot and stops 12 seconds after the trigger is pulled. This results in a 20-second footage. Real-time recording can be streamed to a mobile phone via Wi-fi connection or stored on a 128GB MicroSD card.

This night vision scope is powered by a 18650 battery that allows it to operate continuously for up to 8 hours. You can also save energy with the power saving mode.

The IP67-rated body is made of aerospace grade duralumin and is able to withstand recoil of up to 6000J.

Package contents

  • PARD DS35-70 940nm
  • Transport bag
  • USB-C Cable
  • Optics cleaning cloth
  • 1x 18650 battery
  • Mount 22mm/30mm

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PARD DS35 Series

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PARD DS35 Series FAQ #1

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PARD DS35 Series FAQ #2


Maximum Memory Size:
128 GB
Illuminator: ?
940 nm
396x125x110 mm
680 g
Diopter Adjustment: ?
Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Objective Lens Diamater: ?
70 mm
Tube Diameter:
30 mm
Battery Type:
Li-Ion 18650
Battery Runtime:
8 h
Night Vision Type:
Angle of View:
3.4x3.4 °
5.6 x
24 Months

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Verified customer, from 11.12.2023

Machine translation

At night I accidentally caught the lens cap on the edge of the tree stand window and it came loose, when I put it back on it didn't hold, the fitting was damaged, I had to order a replacement cap

  • low weight of the rifle scope, good quality display day and night

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